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Let’s admit that most of us have screwed up our hair by the time we hit 25!. It could be harsh chemicals used in the name of permanent straightening or harmful colours used to change the colour of our locks all in the name of experimenting or getting a change. These chemicals do end up damaging our natural hair and as a result we’re left with dry & frizzy hair which becomes unmanageable. I’m no different. I have coloured my hair and hence because of it (not to forget the existing pollution & contamination prevailing which adds to my woes) my hair has become dry and needs special attention.

I make it a point to oil my scalp at least once a week. Also after every wash, I condition my hair with a hair masque and a serum. Recently, I came to know about Vita Verde Moroccan Argan Serum from Estrella Professionals and have been using it since the past one week. Here’s my review for those of you who have been in search of a good hair serum to tame your locks.

Vita Verde Moroccan Argan Serum By Estrella Professional:

Here’s what it claims:

Vita Verde is a professional hair care range which combines the goodness of exotic natural ingredients in a modern formulation and form without harsh chemicals. Literally connoting a “Green Way of Life” Vita Verde is Natural Luxury at its best. If you’ve felt the need for spa-like shiny, soft manageable hair but been always troubled by the chemical content in those products, your safe, sustainable alternative is here. Choose Vita Verde for hair that is healthy, nourished, free of chemicals, heavy metals. Packed with natural, high performance actives that are time-tested and safe, embrace the “Green Life”with Vita Verde Now discover the Luxurious Natural way of living with Vita Verde – Our unique natural professional care range, that brings you the choicest of natural ingredients from across the world integrated into a technologically superior blend. Formulations that are safe, effective and pamper you with nature’s best. Trusted and recommended by Hair Stylists across the globe as a safe alternative without harsh chemicals, Vita Verde is “Natural Luxury” at its best.

My Review:

  • I quite like the packaging of the product. It comes in a transparent bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it very convenient to use. The nozzle of the pump comes with yet another cap which in turn makes the product travel-friendly.
  • The colour of the serum is golden-orange and it does literally look like liquid gold!
  • Application: All you need to do is take a few drops of this serum on your hands & apply it to towel dried hair and leave it in. Personally I use it after every hair-wash and that is what you should do if you’re looking for good results.
  • It does calm down your frizziness and renders a sheen to your locks.
  • Also it is an SLS Free, Paraben Free formulation with No Ethyl Alcohol, no harmful chemicals and no heavy metals. In fact Argan Oil which is the main ingredient of this product is legendary for controlling dryness.
  • I would recommend it for use on frizzy, unmanageable, brittle hair.
  • A 100 ml bottle comes at a price of INR 410
  • Buy it from Amazon
  • Also you can avail a discount of 15% by using the code BESPOKE1 which is valid till the 15th of October, 2017.