Hey Pretties!

A new year brings with it new opportunities and fresh goals to look forward to. All the more reason to re-invent yourself into a New You. The good people at VanityCask realise this and have curated their January Box just that way!.

Product Claims: VanityCask is a beauty box that gets delivered to your home. It contains samples of luxury beauty brands, handpicked by experts, to suit Indian women. The current box for January’18 is the VanityCask New You Edition. It is a culmination of brands like Gulnare Organic Skincare, Healthvit Bath & Body, Vôtre, The Nature’s Co. and Bliscent and aims to bring some of the best skincare and haircare products to women across the country.

This month’s VanityCask came in its usual splendour. All the luxurious products were neatly packed inside a beautiful & sturdy signature black outer box which comes with a magnet to clasp it. These were accompanied by a brochure which gave detailed information about the products inside.

The New You Edition of VanityCask contains the following-

  1. Healthvit Bath & BodyActivated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body Wash
  2. The Nature’s Co.Fullers Earth Face Pack
  3. Votre Under Eye Cream
  4. Gulnare Organic Skincare Rosette Clarifying Toner
  5. Bliscent Hot Chocolate Lip Butter

Healthvit Bath & BodyActivated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body Wash:

  • Product Claims: Healthvit Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body wash is formulated to draw out Dirt, Oil, and Sweat like a Magnet. It deeply cleanses skin without drying. Each component of the body wash is suitable for all skin types. Helps regulate and alleviate problem skin, controls bacteria and irritations whilst soothing skin. Detoxify your skin and replenish nutrients for healthier and younger looking skin.
  • It comes in a sturdy black bottle kept in an outer carton that displays all the information about the product.
  • The smell is a bit strong and masculine for my liking.
  • Key Ingredients: Alovera Gel, SBSH ,Demineral Water, Sodium Chloride , Bronopol (Bromerol) ,Fragrance, Activited Charcoal.
  • Application: Pour a Quarter Size Amount of Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Body wash On hands, Sponge or Wash cloth. Add Water and Massage onto Skin until a Lather is Formed. Gently Scrub Your Body and Wash off with Water When Finished.
  • I received a full size 200 ML bottle worth INR 225/- in my VanityCask.

The Nature’s Co.Fullers Earth Face Pack:

  • Product Claims: Get glowing skin with this highly effective mud face pack that acts as a beauty mask.  It removes toxins and excess oil from your skin giving you a glowing complexion.
  • How To Use: To get best results, apply this ready-to-use face pack to your face and neck avoiding contact with eyes. Allow the paste to dry thoroughly and then rinse off with cold water for a natural glow.Use twice a week or as needed.
  • Key Ingredients: Fuller’s earth, provitamin B5,Vitamin E, Kaolin,Vegetable glycerine.
  • I got 35 ML file. Price of the full-sized product- INR 2195 for 350 ML

Votre Under Eye Cream:

  • Product claims: An absolute eye cream that dramatically improves skin texture around eyes. It features the clinically proven, non-stop skin renewal technology that continuously hydrates, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness, and smooths the look of fine lines.
  • Although I have never tried this cream but I’m really looking forward to sampling it as most Votre products are amazing.
  • I received a full-sized 10 gm file worth INR 1760/- in my VanityCask.

Gulnare Organic Skincare Rosette Clarifying Toner:

  • Product claims: A refreshing, soothing and clarifying organic toner that will leave your skin hydrated, dewy and smelling rosy. This alchohol free blend of Rose water, WitchHazel & Hibiscus extracts cleanses your skin, tightens pores, boosts elasticity and restores “bounce” to skin.
  • Key ingredients: Fresh Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Hibiscus infused water.
  • I quite like the floral fragrance and whats great is that it suits all skin types.
  • Application: Apply to cotton wool and wipe gently in upward movements over skin morning and night. Follow with moisturizer.
  • I got a 30 ML file. The price of the full-sized product is INR 1250/- for 80ML.

Bliscent Hot Chocolate Lip Butter:

  • Product ClaimsMoisturise dry and Chapped Lips with this hot chocolate flavoured lip butter.
  • The Lip butter comes in a cute little tub like package with screw cap and an additional lid which makes it spill proof. The package is made of sturdy plastic with all the details of product written on it. And the package is travel friendly.
  • I quite like the fragrance, it smells a lot like hot chocolate. It is 100% vegan which I appreciate.
  • I received a full-sized 5 gm tub worth INR 150/- in my VanityCask.

With such amazing products via VanityCask, I am sure to turn into a new and more beautiful version of myself this year. You too can get yours at VanityCask

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