Beauty/Product Review of Neesh Perfumes

Perfumes play a very vital role in our beauty regime. In fact I think choosing your own signature fragrance is as important as selecting a shade of foundation which goes with your skin tone!. The fragrances we opt for are reflective of our own persona, tastes and beliefs indirectly. That is the reason why some individuals like light perfumes while there are others who go for stronger fragrances, then there are individuals who select the middle path & choose mild perfumes. While choosing a scent for ourselves we need to remember that a perfume has three notes — the top, middle, and base notes. The base note of a perfume is the strongest and the most long- lasting of all three, the middle note comes next, and the top note being the one that lasts for the the shortest duration and desiccates very quickly. The idea is to find a scent that has a base note that smells great on you with a middle and top note that you wouldn’t mind sporting. So when you go searching for a suitable scent, make sure to pay close attention to these three effects.

The Neesh Perfumes I am reviewing-Zaafran-E-Hindustaan & Sultana

 I am reviewing Neesh Perfumes today. Basically Neesh brings you attar inspired 12 fragrances which cater to all three genres of light, mild & strong perfumes. I sampled two of their fragrances-Zaafran-E-Hindustaan & Sultana and reached the following conclusion:

Neesh perfumes are definitely high quality fragrances.

• Every Neesh fragrance lasts up to 12 hours.

• They are easy on your pocket as single spray costs less than Rs. 1.

• Neesh perfumes are basically pikpacks that fit in every pocket & are therefore easy to carry and make for great travel buddies.

The first fragrance I sampled was Zaafran-E-Hindustaan. The aromatic scent of the perfume is organic, unique & is reflective of all things Indian. Its essential ingredients are pretty much exotic like Musk, Dark Rose, Pink Rose & Iran Saffron.

Top Note– Iran Saffron & Pink Rose

Middle Note– White Woods & Dark Rose

Base Note– Musk Amber

The Second fragrance I sampled was Sultana which is my favourite among the two. It belongs to the strong genre & it will give you a warm breeze of amber tea rose, which is extensively heady and aromatic.

Top Note- Indian saffron Tea Rose

Middle Note– Castoreum

Base Note– Agarwood Amber

I like the fact that Neesh perfumes come in Pick-packs and easily slip into your pocket and hence are very easy to carry


Price – Rs.340/- | Quantity – 20ml | Availability – Available in majority of online stores as well as in offline stores | You can Buy Neesh Perfumes from their website | Amazon | Flipkart

Variants – 12 fragrances :

Women – Zaafran-E-Hindustan | Sultana | Rose-E-Mohabatt | Oud-De-Venice | Belle-D-Oud | Amour-De-Oud

Men – Oud-E-Khaas | Moha-beau-t | Eau-De-Mehfil | Attar-E-Neesh | Attar-E-Nazakat | Atar-E-Ishq