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Now we all know how much Indians love their steaming cuppa of tea first thing in the morning. In India, tea is a very popular beverage and Indians love their favourite elaichi tea. The significance of tea drinking in India cannot be restricted merely to words, Indians love to start their day with tea first thing in the morning. In fact some even argue that tea as a beverage enjoys much more preference as compared to coffee in India which I quite agree with. Tea is a drink to celebrate & enjoy rainy days, you’ll find a number of Indian families savoring a steaming cup of tea along with pakoras while its pouring cats and dogs outside.

India is the world’s largest producer of tea and most of the tea production in India takes place in West Bengal and Assam. No matter which part of the country you traverse you’re sure to find ‘chai’ being served in popular restaurants. Even in households, people offer their guests tea instead of alcoholic beverages. I personally love having teas of all kinds whether its your ginger & elaichi flavoured milk tea or the very healthy green tea. For this purpose I enjoy trying out new flavours and brands available in the market. Recently I discovered a brand called Te Cha (courtesy Pik Review)that manufactures gourmet teas.

Here’s what Te Cha claims:

Where each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. Launched with a vision to serve the finest speciality teas and infusions, Techa aims to give its clients a complete buying experience in the gourmet tea segment. From educating them about the different varieties of tea that exist and their benefits to choosing the right speciality tea and infusion that blend perfectly with Techa offers a complete health and gifting solutions.

I sampled Te Cha’s Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea. Here’s my review:

  • The packaging of this tea is beautiful. It comes in a dark brown tin with a lid. The mouth of the tin in sealed which ensures the freshness of the tea kept inside. The outer portion of the container displays all the information about the product.
  • This Organic Black dragon Tea is the partially oxidised version of the Oolong family. In Chinese, Oolong means ‘black dragon”.
  • Oolong is a semi-fermented tea, blending the prime qualities of in-oxidised green tea and fully oxidised black tea.
  • What is great is that Oolong blocks the absorption of fats & carbohydrates which plays a key role in weight reducing benefits.
  • You can make both Hot as well as Iced Tea with it. I refer hot tea.
  • Method for preparing Hot Tea: Take 1 tsp of Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea for a cup of tea and steep it in hot water for a few minutes. Strain and add lemon & honey for flavour. That’s how I like to have it.
  • The flavour is strong and refreshing at the same time and possesses a rich taste. I had it with lemon and honey and thoroughly enjoyed drinking it.
  • It comes in a 50 gm tin which retails for INR 1249/-which is a bit expensive but totally worth it if you take into account the richness of the flavour and the health benefits accruing  from it.
  • This tin makes 20 cups of tea. 1 cup costs around INR 62.45/-
  • This tea has a shelf life of 2 years.

Te Cha manufactures a number of blends including Black, Green, Oolong & White Tea. Besides they also offer a number of Gifting options in the form of Gift-Sets. Their website also sells plenty of tea related accessories like tea-pots, mugs, strainers etc. Make sure you check out their website for their entire collection HERE

I joined Pik Review’s Triangle Trail via which I received this tea. To know more about Pik Review click HERE