Hey Lovelies!

I’m back with another interesting post, this time a fashion post for a change! We all know how much a girl loves her accessories & the right jewellery can definitely make or break a look, hence it must be chosen meticulously. Jewellery has been a significant adornment for Indian women since times immemorial. Its significance in a woman’s life can be judged from the number of jewellery gifts she receives on a variety of important occasions in her life.

Sangeeta Boochra Store image

Shilpa Shetty wearing
jewellery by Sangeeta Boochra

I personally am quite fond of statement jewellery & therefore absolutely love the jewellery designed by Sangeeta Boochra as do most Bollywood celebrities (take a look at Shilpa Shetty wearing her designs in the pic above). I am certain that most of you jewellery fanatics must have heard or read about her, I for one just love the statement necklaces that she designs!. Just click the following link to get a closer look- http://www.silvercentrre.com/sangeeta-boochra.html

The devil as they say lies in the details, and Sangeeta Boochra jewellery leaves no turn unturned in this regard. Recently, I ordered a couple of pieces for myself, a bracelet and a statement necklace to be precise. What I like most about her jewellery is the fact that every piece is versatile & can be easily worn with both Indian was well as Western outfits. Also, I was quite impressed by the craftsmanship as quality of the finished product was to the point. Here are a few images of the jewellery ( PS: I have worn relatively Indian designs with a western outfit & you can see for yourself how amazing the combination is)-

Statement Necklace & Bracelet By Sangeeta Boochra

Can you see the gorgeous craftsmanship?!!

Absolutely loving my Sangeeta Boochra designs !

Sangeeta Boochra is a brand of Silver Centrre Jaipur which was established in 1897. Other than that her jewellery is largely available online, you can purchase it from the link I’ve given above or simply go to the web link of Silver Centrre- http://www.silvercentrre.com

Happy Shopping…. Lots Of Love – Shruti 🙂