Hand-made products sent across to me by Qtrove for review

The best part about blogging for me is that I get to enjoy & discover new products/sites/places which are unique and totally the need of the hour for consumers all over the country. One such online market-place I stumbled upon in my quest is Qtrove. What makes Qtrove special is that it is a virtual flea market of hand-made and organic products which are made using natural ingredients. Basically Qtrove hand-picks the  best/unique products from the choicest of vendors across the world in order to provide you a curated and personalised experience. Their focus & emphasis is on the quality of products offered to the consumers.

Qtrove offers a wide variety of products right from Hand-made chocolates, delicious flavoured butter to lip-smacking Jams & Preserves. They also have organically produced Body lotions and Creams, Shampoos & hand-made Soaps, homecare products, Pet skincare to Home décor, Accessories to Food and beverages and even aromatic incense sticks and other items for your daily pooja needs!. They even sell hand-made Terracotta Jewellery, in fact Qtrove sent me a beautiful pair of blue & green terracotta hoop earrings from their jewellery section and let me tell you the finishing of the product was flawless. To shop at Qtrove just go to their website http://www.qtrove.com and shop to your hearts content!. The very first category is their Offer Zone which you must check out in order to avail their existing discounts & offers on premium quality products. Another interesting category apart from the ones mentioned above is The 199 Trove where you get products below Rs 200!.

Hand-made Artisanal Milk Chocolate Bar by Jus’ Trufs .This is a very special milk chocolate, made in India, from Single Origin Cocoa Beans grown in South India. It has a distinctive note of cocoa, and the reduced sugar content makes for a surprisingly smooth chocolate. I quite enjoyed having it as I am a big a big fan of cocoa flavour and this one surely has a higher content of cocoa.

Q Factor: Free from any emulsifiers or soy lecithin.

Fig and Raisin Jam from Martha’s Preserves is a treat!. Martha’s Preserves is all about Gourmet Jams and Sauces Which are 100% naturals. It has no preservatives, no added colour and it’s homemade. I am a sucker for organic products and so with Martha’s Preserves, I really couldn’t ask for more!

Q Factor: These jams are different from other jams because they are natural, homemade, and they contain fruit pieces in them. These are made by hand and not by machines. These jams and sauces are delicious, tasty and good for health.

Ingredients and Nutritional FactsAll Jams are 100% natural, made with natural fruits and vegetables. They are preservative free and contain high amount of proteins and vitamins.

I ordered Areev Cocoa Cream Body Lotion it had a deep hydrating effect on the skin. A 75 ml bottle costs around Rs 275, a bit expensive but totally worth it!

Product description: Treat yourself to the deep-hydrating effect of cocoa butter, a natural moisturiser that prevents dryness and itchiness. With its sensuous, earthy fragrance, this lotion pampers your senses as well as your skin.

Q Factor: Areev’s Natural cosmetics use nature derived ingredients that are mild yet efficient. All of Areev’s products are free of phthalates, phosphates, sulphates, parabens and are colour safe. They are also vegan and have not been tested on any animals.

I am a self-proclaimed caffeine lover, so you can imagine how happy I was to receive this aromatic coffee from Buma Devi Blend Coffee House.

It is a South Indian Filter – Great filter coffee, when mixed with hot milk and sugar, tastes like drinking “toffee”. Pairs well Indian breakfast, evening samosas and recommended for strong espresso lovers like me!

Origin: Kerala, Wayanad region.

Processing method: Sundried

Q Factor: Freshly roasted in small batches, signature blend by Marc. Organic and fair trade certified.

Type of Roast: Dark roast, with hints of caramel, cacao, and dry cherries. Round and smooth body with long lingering taste…yummm!

Beautiful pair of Eco-friendly Blue and Green Hoop Terracotta Earring by Kalakruthi.

Product Description: Handmade with the earthen terracotta material, this piece of jewellery steers the rustic beauty and is completely waterproof!

Q Factor: These terracotta jewellery pieces are handmade and eco-friendly. The design, make and finish of the jewellery make them distinctive. The make of such jewellery, not only requires natural skills, but also concentration and attention to detailing.

Material: Terracotta, acrylic paints, and clear varnish.

Loved wearing them!

O how I loved having this Homemade All Natural Mix Vegetable Pickle By Pickle Shikkle. This Mix Vegetable Pickle is a lip smacking savoury by Pickle Shikkle from their range of authentic, all natural, unadulterated pickles and jams. This pickle is made from locally sourced ingredients and simmered to perfection.

Q Factor: The Pickle Shikkle’s range of jams and pickles are made batch-wise in small quantities to ensure quality and taste. Natural preservatives such as sugar and vinegar have been used to make it and it is devoid of any artificial colouring.

Ingredients: Carrot, cauliflower, cumin (jeera), vinegar, salt, fennel seeds.

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the hand-picked & curated products sent to me by Qtrove. What’s even better is the fact that Qtrove is giving a discount of 15% on an online paid purchase of above Rs 500 for the month of January, 2017 to all the followers of BeSpoke Grub. So guys if you’re already following BeSpoke Grub you can avail this offer. If not, please go to my FaceBook Page BeSpoke Grub or my Instagram account @bespokegrub and give it a like. Then go to http://www.qtrove.com and select the products you want to buy and mention the discount code BESPOKEGRUB15 while making the payment & Qtrove will give you a discount of 15% on your purchase!. So all you shop-o-holics looking for some hand-made, unique & curated products, what are you waiting for..give it a try! 🙂