The cute set of night wear sent to me by Pajjama Party

Getting good sleep calls for much more than merely sticking to a consistent bedtime. As a matter of fact, giving yourself the right sleeping environment— light, temperature and frame of mind all come into role-play. What you choose to wear to bed has a significant impact on your sleeping pattern. If your sleep-wear is comfortable you will easily doze off, however if what you’re wearing to bed is uncomfortable and tacky, it will mess with your slumber. Personally for me the fabric of my night-wear is extremely important. I usually prefer cotton pyjamas with a t-shirt..the softest one that I can get my hands on. I prefer cotton because it is an all-natural fabric that is lightweight and soft to the touch. Also it is breathable when compared to silk or any other fabric for that matter. It allows proper air circulation, and doesn’t tend to irritate the skin which is of great consequence to me since I have sensitive skin.

Cotton is quite appropriate for the sultry North Indian summers. Other fabrics that people opt for in night-wear include silk, flannel, wool & fleece ( in colder climates). For me however cotton is the preferred option. My favourite brand to shop for night-wear is Pajjama Party as they offer funky, stylish & comfortable pyjamas in a variety of designs and patterns. What I really like is the fact that they have something to suit everyone’s taste & preferences and sell pyjamas & comfort-wear for all age groups. The designers at Pajjama Party pay close attention to the latest styles and trends. What is great is the fact that their products are moderately priced and hence offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Recently Pajjama Party sent me a set of really cute grey pyjamas with pink spiders all over along with a really feminine and adorable matching pink t-shirt with ‘Good Vibes Only’ written in front. Believe when I tell you they are the most comfortable pyjamas you can wear with no hooks or zips to reduce your level of comfort. The waist is held together with an elastic which again has just the right grip. The t-shirt, I have to say, apart from looking adorable is the softest material I have ever worn and I really am not exaggerating. Also the fabric is almost weightless and therefore provides me with maximum comfort especially during summers when I need to wear clothing that is breathable.

If you like what I’m wearing in the pictures above, do check out Pajjama Party and select some stylish night-wear for yourself. Or you could also download their App from Google Play and browse through their products and make a purchase.

Here’s hoping you pick the sweetest, softest sleep-wear so that you get that amazing night’s sleep, every night! 🙂