The new products that I recently tried from Gerard Cosmetics

Hola Loves!

It has been such an amazing year for me & I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love and encouragement you have showered me with throughout the year! It’s been an action packed year with wonderful collaborations and campaigns including some fabulous beauty campaigns too. Also I’d like to apologise for being MIA for the longest time on my blog, I promise I’ll be putting up posts more frequently now & in the coming year…

Today I’d like to review a few amazing products that I recently received from Gerard Cosmetics ( you know its one of my favourite beauty brands ). Here’s what I received :

  • LIGHT ‘EM UP LIP GLOSS – LYRICAXGC in the shade Passion
  • SUPREME LIP CREME in the shade Envy

For those of you who missed out my previous review of Gerard Cosmetics last year, let me introduce you to the brand. Gerard Cosmetics is an LA based cosmetics brand that is always pushing the makeup envelope with innovative formulas and beloved colors that have attracted a cult following. Jen Gerard is the CEO of the beauty brand and she’s such a positive & encouraging human being. I have loved using their HydraMatte Liquid Lipsticks & Lip Pencils in the past. This year I ordered a couple of bullet Lipsticks, Supreme Lip Creme, Light ‘Em Up Lip Gloss & two variants of their Slay Away The Day Makeup Removing Balm ( Peach & Rose ) and man was I blown away!!

Let’s first talk about SLAY AWAY THE DAY / MAKEUP REMOVING BALM – PEACH & ROSE: All of us are aware how important it is to clean every trace of makeup once we’re done for the day ..and OMG! this luxurious & gentle makeup melter removes even my heaviest makeup like a dream! The primary ingredient in it is coconut oil which removes all traces of dirt, makeup and oil for a smooth and glowing complexion. I basically have very sensitive skin yet my skin feels so nourished & hydrated after application, also I didn’t feel any irritation which is associated with micellar water, hence I would safely say that it is suitable for for all skin types.

Created a look wearing French Toast on my lips

FRENCH TOAST & 1995 – LIPSTICK: These bullet lipsticks are to die for and I’m not even kidding you guys!. To begin with I quite like the stunning gold packaging. The lipsticks are deeply pigmented and leave your lips hydrated and last upto 4-5 hours after application. And I would highly recommend these two shades, such stunning everyday shades they are!. In fact if you like experimenting with lip colours, Gerard Cosmetics has a vast range of colour options which you should definitely check out. I’ll be leaving the web link at the end of the article.

SUPREME LIP CREME in the shade Envy: It is a lip-creme in every sense of the word!. Intensely pigmented colours and sooo hydrating & yet at the same time it lasts 4-5 hours! Can you believe it?! I was pleasantly surprised .

LIGHT ‘EM UP LIP GLOSS – LYRICAXGC in the shade Passion: I’m so glad I ordered this Lip Gloss, such pretty packaging. It comes with an application mirror and surprise surprise lights up when you take out the application wand!. The pigmentation is unreal for a lip good. I’m super happy with my selection of shades this time, so me 🙂

If you’ve enjoyed reading my review of Gerard Cosmetics & would like to check out their products, here’s the link- Shipping is pretty smooth & the products are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Also, I’d like to mention that they keep having amazing discounts and offers from time to time plus the quality of the products is worth investing in. You could also use my code “Bespokegrub” to get a discount of 30%!

Until next time..happy shopping 🙂