Hello Lovelies!

One of my all time favourite colour is lavender. It belongs to the family of purple. Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. … Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic…hence I made up my mind that my latest fashion post would be on this beautiful & ethereal shade!.

We’re all on the lookout for an outfit which is dynamic & versatile. I personally love a dress which I can wear to a party as well for a casual brunch. So I chose this gorgeous lavender high-low pleated dress from Sareez which is an exhaustive fashion site from where you can order beautifully hand-crafted Indian as well as Western wear. They have clothes both for Men & Women and also sell beautiful jewellery and other accessories.

The high-low dress that I chose has a full circle hem. However, the length varies from short in front to long in back. This style originated in the  Victorian era dresses and formal gowns, when the hem style became known as the “fishtail”. During the 19th century, it became a trend in the mid-1870s, reappearing in the early 1880s, and later in women’s formal gowns and evening dresses throughout the 20th century.This style has been given numerous names by designers and the press, including asymmetrical and waterfall.



I hope you guys enjoyed viewing the various ways in which I have styled this attire. In one of the pictures given above you can see how by merely throwing on a denim jacket you can easily transform this very formal dress into a casual one which you can wear for a brunch date. For those of you who loved this outfit like me do check out Sareez.com . They have around three to four beautiful pastel colours available in this style. See you guys soon with another exciting brand. Till then stay stylish 😉


  • Lavender High-Low Dress- Sareez.com
  • Shades- Coolwinks
  • Beige Shoes- Solovoga
  • Denim jacket- Globus