Foldable Red Stool from Twisty 

Each and every part of our house is filled with a variety of furniture. Its kinda difficult to imagine life without furniture. Give it a thought & you will realise how strange it is to imagine our living rooms or any room in our homes without furniture!. The significance of  furniture in our daily life has often been a neglected subject. Our furniture takes up the majority of space and helps make our home feel warm, welcoming, inhabited & complete. The right piece can totally transform the look of your room. For e.g: a stunning coffee table as the centre piece can lift the ambience of a living room. I am of the opinion that every single piece of furniture needs to embody the following traits- it should be  versatile, visually appealing and comfortable.

In today’s day & age, when spaces have become smaller, I think we need furniture which not only looks good but is also practical ( not to forget versatile like I mentioned above ). In fact I am always on the look out for anything new-age which of course suits my requirements. Recently I bought a beautiful dressing table for my room, now the problem is that the space between my bed & the dressing table isn’t substantial so I need something to sit on while getting ready which can be removed after my work is done. I started searching for seating options for my dressing table on the net. In one such quest of mine I came across a company called Twisty which claims to make some new age inspired furniture like Foldable Stools, Futons & Lamp-Shades. Foldable Stool!..Bingo!, I realised that’s exactly what I needed.

I visited Twisty’s website and searched for their Foldable Stools. I saw four colours- Brown, Black, White & Red, and to be honest the stools looked quite practical and stylish at the same time which I must say is a difficult combo to achieve. They  come with a cushion ( again four colour options ) for no extra charge. I placed an order for a Red Foldable Stool with a Brown Cushion Seat. I must say that the people at Twisty were quite prompt as I received my product within 3-4 working days. The packaging too was fool-proof, each component of the stool i.e.basically the foldable stool & the cushion seat was packed separately and they even sent me a beautiful brown carry bag with their logo to keep the stool once I had unpacked it.

All you need to do is open the folds & tie it with the satin ribbons provided at the two ends

This is what the stool looks like once you’ve opened it

I’m glad I ordered for this stool from Twisty. To begin with, I simply love the stunning red colour of the product (picture above). It is around 42 cms in length, weighs 1.5 kgs and can withstand weight upto 300 kgs!. I can easily open it myself without any assistance, all I have to do once its open is to tie it with the satin strings provided at the two ends( actually both the ends are held together with the help of magnets present inside and the pretty ribbons are only to add to the glamour quotient of the stool). Once my work is done and I wish to remove the stool, I just untie the strings & it folds back to its original position. I also appreciate the fact that its light and easy to carry, portable, eco-friendly and versatile, I have not only used it in my home but have also carried it outdoors for picnics and Sunday brunches with friends where we not only sat on it but also used it as a table to keep our coffee mugs!. Also its very handy if you’re standing in a long queue & there is no place to sit. With a little care this stool will last you very long, if you have bought this product or are planning to buy one make sure you use the cushion provided and keep it dust-free.When you’re not using it, fastened it so as to avoid any accidental tampering. Also try to keep it in dry place to increase its longevity.

Moreover Twisty’s furniture proves to be very useful & practical when you’re moving/shifting your furniture, all you need to do is fold it and it becomes super-convinient to move. It is a welcome addition to spaces of all kinds. I must say Twisty really lives up to its name- easy portability, no lifting heavy weights & hence gets your home ready with just a twist!. I would recommend Twisty’s products- be it Stools/Futons/Lamps to everyone.

Catch you guys in my next post with another amazing & unique product!. Ciao 🙂