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Hope you had an amazing weekend, I personally had a hectic one due to my work schedules overlapping into my weekend. Anyways lets come to the point. My post today is about this amazing lifestyle/fashion box called Glam Treasure Box which is especially curated keeping in mind a particular theme every month. The theme this month is Boho Girl which is one of my favourite fashion themes. All you need to do is choose a monthly plan and subscribe and the rest is taken care of by their team. Those of you who have been following my Instagram stories must have seen the unboxing of the Boho Girl Edition of Glam Treasure Box that I’ve received. So in my blog post, instead of merely showing you guys the articles inside the box, I decided to style them on myself and present it to you so that you are able to see how they would actually look once styled.

Subscribe for Glam Treasure Box here

Price : 1449 INR for 1 month subscription

Excited to know what’s inside my Boho Girl Edition of Glam Treasure Box


About Glam Treasure Box:

Glam treasure brings women latest fashion accessories, trends specially handpicked in a box filled with beauty and lifestyle products which is delivered at their door every month like a treat. An exciting new way women can experience fashion trends and beauty. Glam Treasure is a treat that women look forward to every month.

Contents of my Boho Girl Edition of Glam Treasure Box: It is a huge white box with purple stripes on it. The logo of the brand is right in the middle as you can see in the picture above. It comprises of 5 deluxe size products related to fashion & beauty. Here’s what I got this month-

  • Blush Tassel Sling Clutch (INR 990)
  • Set of 6 stud earrings INR (399)
  • Bohemian multi-layer necklace (INR 620)
  • Very Me Sugar Nail-Purple Berry (INR 349)
  • Pom Pom Tassel Keychain (INR 350)
  • Vogue Centric Tribal printed Palazzo pants (INR 1199)

Blush Tassel Sling Clutch


This blush sling is my absolute favourite from the Treasure Box. The colour is feminine and the tassel on the zip adds a bohemian touch to it. It is quite spacious and can accommodate my makeup, car keys and mobile phones which is great. I know I’ll be using this one a lot also because it goes so well with all my pastel outfits.

Pom Pom Tassel Keychain

This keychain is a colourful cluster of pom poms which is not only beautiful but quite useful. What’s more it matches most of my outfits!. I’m looking forward to using it soon.

Bohemian multi-layer necklace

I quite like this silver multi-layered necklace with four different pendants (see the pic above). It’s a piece of jewellery which is timeless and versatile. You can easily wear it with Indian outfits as well as with a pair of denims. Its a useful addition to my jewellery box & I love the whole boho vibe it emanates.

Set of 6 stud earrings

I also received these cute looking six pairs of studs in my Glam Treasure box. To be honest since the theme was Boho, I was expecting chunky silver bohemian danglers instead of sophisticated studs. But its a welcome addition to my jewellery box nonetheless. I’ll be wearing these whenever I’m in the mood for minimal understated dressing.

Very Me Sugar Nail-Purple Berry

I was happy to find this purple nail paint in my Glam Treasure Box as I had been wanting to buy one for myself. The colour is exquisite but sadly for me the texture of the nail paint disappointed me. I found it wasn’t smooth but grainy on application. I hope Team Glam Treasure takes note of this and makes amends since I quite like the curation of the rest of the box.

Vogue Centric Tribal printed Palazzo pants

Last but not the least are these attractive pair of Vogue Centric Tribal printed Palazzo pants. It is a beautiful mix of peach, blush, purple & blue. The blush sling bag along with the multi-layered necklace go so well with it. I chose a vibrant blue boho top to go with these palazzos and the results are for you to see.

I hope you guys had as much fun reading my review as I did styling most of the products in the Glam Treasure Box that I received. The total worth of all the products that I received is INR 3907 and the box costs merely INR 1449 which actually value for money. Also, this box also makes for an amazing gifting option as well. You can order yours here.

Happy shopping ! Ciao..