The delicious products sent by Kai Ruchi 

Instant food products have become widely popular today considering the hectic and busy nature of our lives. Working class, teenage children, people living in hostels, bachelors, sharing rooms etc look for such instant food products which saves them the hassle of elaborate cooking. Instant/Convenience foods are used to shorten the time of meal preparation at home. A few instant food products can be eaten immediately or after adding some water, heating or thawing. One such food brand which makes instant food products sans the harmful preservatives is Kai Ruchi. They specialise primarily in delicious South Indian delicacies. I am a big fan of South Indian cuisine be it mouth-watering hot Idlis served with a bowl of delicious Sambhar & Coconut Chutney or crisp Masala Dosa filled with potatoes . Whenever I am travelling and putting up in a hotel I always find myself drawn to the South Indian fare especially during breakfast as they are delicious, quite filling and a healthy option. In fact you can find these South Indian dishes in every North Indian restaurant that serve multi-cuisines.

These days of course one finds healthier options among ingredients to make South Indian dishes. For example, I for one cook Rava Idlis in my microwave very often. My mother makes lip-smacking Sambhar to go with the Idlis. I am always on the look out for new South Indian ingredients and products and during one such search of mine I discovered  Kai Ruchi.

Happy to receive the Instant Mixes, Masala Powders, Chutney Powders & Filter Coffee from Kai Ruchi

Kai Ruchi is an online store for authentic south Indian Instant spice powders, chutney powders , instant-mixes, south Indian filter coffee & other delicacies. Kai Ruchi’ is a south indian phrase referring to the magic created by one’s hands in cooking also called ‘Haath ka Jaadu’ in Hindi. They have an impressive line up of products to order from. Right from Instant Dosa Mix to Ready to make Garlic Chutney. They come in 250 gms pack and are reasonably priced.

The products that I tried out from Kairuchi are :

  • Instant Biryani/ Pulao
  • Instant Besi Bele Bhath Mix
  • Instant Poha/Instant Lime Avalakki
  • Instant Pepper Rasam
  • Instant Pongal Mix
  • Instant Puliyogare Avalakki Mix/Instant Poha Mix
  • Instant Sabudana Upma Mix
  • Instant Upma Mix
  • Curry Leaves Powder
  • Best Beli Bhath Powder
  • Instant Rava Dosa Mix
  • Instant Rava Idli Mix
  • Garlic Chutney Powder
  • Special Filter Coffee Powder

Instant Poha/Instant Lime Avalakki, Instant Sabudana Upma Mix & Instant Puliyogare Avalakki Mix/Instant Poha Mix

Instant Pepper Rasam Mix, Instant Besi Beli Bhath Powder & Curry Leaves Powder

One of my favourites- Special Filter Coffee Powder

Instant Pongal Mix, Instant Biryani/ Pulao & Instant Besi Bele Bhath Mix

Two more favourites of mine- Instant Rava Dosa Mix & Instant Rava Idli Mix


Instant Rava Idli & Instant Upma Mix

After sampling the stuff from Kai Ruchi, I realised that they really do pack the goodness of home-made spices, traditional snacks and savories in their products. My absolute favourites were the Instant Rava Dosa Mix, so easy to make, all i had to do was add the required quantity of water to the dosa mix and keep it aside for 15 minutes. After that all I had to do was to spread the batter on a hot tava to prepare a crispy Rava Dosa!. I also enjoyed the Idlis that I made from the Instant Rava Idli Mix. They were soft, fluffy & delicious.

I am quite fond of Poha so naturally I enjoyed having the two variants from Kai Ruchi namely Instant Puliyogare Avalakki Mix & Instant Lime Avalakki. The method of cooking for both is given at the back of the pack and is quite simple as it is basically an instant mix and all you need to do is add water and veggies if you desire. You must try their Garlic Chutney Powder, it contains garlic, coconut, dal, tamarind, chilli, oil & salt. It is a ready made mix and is so tasty!.

Their Instant Sabudana Upma Mix is also a hot favourite and is often out of stock on their website. I found the instant Biryani Mix also to my liking. All the rice mixes contain rice as well as the required spices for the recipe. All you have to do is add vegetables or meat of your choice and follow the instructions given at the back.

I am a coffee-lover so naturally I had to try Kai Ruchi’s Special Filter Coffee and it is really good & packs a punch. For the ones who have never tried out filter coffee, you need a coffee filter to make one. The filter basically strains a mix of filter-coffee powder and hot water and milk & sugar are added to the extract that is derived after filtration. The process is pretty simple and is clearly mentioned on the pack itself.

After having tried out the instant food products from Kairuchi, I realised that there are several advantages of Instant foods :

  • Preparation time is considerably reduced to a great extent.
  • No need to store, buy or plan ahead as far as ingredients are concerned.
  • Hardly get any leftovers.
  • Wide variety of items available especially for those who don’t like spending hours in the kitchen.
  • Your kitchen does not look like its been hit by a i.e. basically it doesn’t mess up your kitchen.
  • Less spoilage and waste occur with packaged instant foods.
  • Transportation of packaged foods is cheaper especially in concentrated form. 

I had a great time sampling the products from Kairuchi as they not only saved me a lot of time but also tasted yummy!. Besides what I also appreciate is the fact that all the products are free of preservatives, hence they come with a shelf life within which you need to consume them. Also their food products are reasonably priced & they even provide free delivery on orders above Rs 299!. You guys should totally try out their stuff and I’m positive you’re going to love it as much as I did. Visit Kai Ruchi at and have a look at their products. I am sure if you’re a foodie like me, you will end up ordering some of them. :).

Until next time..Ciao!