Hey Lovelies!

It’s been a while since we connected, hope you’re doing just fine!. Of late my work has been keeping me super occupied and I have been travelling a great deal attending influencer events etc. I realised that when you need to travel light and on short trips, duffle bags are so handy and are such a big help!. The best part about duffle bags is they’re all about room. The middle compartment is always the largest, and no matter how many pockets there are outside, they can usually hold a huge amount on the inside. Duffles also have the added bonus of being more flexible than other options like hard shell bags. This means if you do decide to take one on a plane it’s likely to squeeze into a tight overhead compartment easily.

While searching for a suitable duffle bag to take care of my travelling needs, I chanced upon a site called TOSAVE which sells some amazing stuff including bags of all kinds. I browsed through the site and found this gorgeous leather finish brown duffle bag with separate spaces for clothes and shoes and I tell you it was just what I was looking for!. Also it has a long strap along with short handles which is again quite convenient while travelling. Above are a few pictures of the bag that I purchased.

Besides bags of all kinds, TOSAVE also sells clothes, makeup, electronic goods, cell phones, gadgets etc. You guys should totally give it a look by clicking HERE