@Food/Restaurant Review Cream Centre Lucknow

The city of Tehzeeb (mannerisms) and Nafasat (sophistication) finally welcomes its very own Cream Centre restaurant!. Cream Centre Lucknow belongs to a well known Cream Centre chain of restaurants which can be found all across the country. The first Cream Centre was set up in Mumbai 58 years ago and then came up in other cities like Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lonavala, Nagpur, Vapi & Lucknow. They even have one in Dubai!.

Cream Centre Lucknow is located in the heart of the city, bang opposite Saharaganj. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Indian, Oriental, Italian and even Mexican dishes. The ambience of the place is quite warm and welcoming. It has been set up in a vast area and can accommodate a large number of people at a time. People do complain about parking issues in the area of Saharaganj but luckily for me it was not a problem and I could easily park my vehicle. Coming back to the restaurant, it is truly a vegetarians paradise as it is fine dining at its best!. Unlike the food served at regular vegetarian restaurants which is loaded with oil, is greasy and quite heavy on your digestive system, I found the food at Cream Centre Lucknow light, relatively oil-free and delicious at the same time.

Their specials include Big Nachos, Chana Bhatura, Italian Herbs Cheese Chilly Toast, Bombay Ragda Pattice, Asli Makhan Pav Bhaji, they have the biggest variety of sizzlers including Paneer Chilly Sizzler and even a Chat Sizzler to name a few!. I quite liked their variety of mocktails as well which includes Ice cream Soda, Lemon Iced Tea and Fresh Mint Mojito among others. Their desserts are as impressive and include a variety of Cassata Ice creams in different flavours like Black is Black (For Dark Chocolate), Salty Caramel, Calcutta Paan. However their signature dessert is the Sizzling Brownie. In fact Nikhil Jalan (the proprietor of Cream Centre Lucknow) informed me that Cream Centre was the first restaurant in India to introduce the Sizzling Brownie to the Indian taste buds & they actually have a patent on Sizzling Brownie Fondue!

The Big Nachos

For starters I tried The Big Nachos. It is one of the signature dishes of Cream Centre and is a must-try!. It is  basically a mountain of Tortilla chips made in-house and not out of a bag along with refried beans, lettuce, red-onions, a variety of bell peppers, tomatoes with salsa dressing, sprinkled with black olives, jalapeños and is accompanied by a double helping of Cream Centre’s famous nachos sauce & sour cream. It was absolutely lip-smacking. I quite enjoyed the vegetables and the sour cream.

Lemon Iced Tea & Fresh Mint Mojito

Along with my Big Nachos I tried two of their mocktails. The first one was Fresh Mint Mojito  which was my favourite as it was so refreshing!. Unlike other mojito mocktails it did not contain whole mint leaves, instead the leaves were crushed and almost made paste-like which actually enhanced the flavour as the grinding process helped to release the juicy minty flavour. Apart from that, the freshness of the ingredients used reflected in the taste of the end product. The second mocktail I had was the Lemon Iced Tea which too was delicious and came in a really tall glass. I could clearly taste the flavour of lemon and tea blended to perfection.

Chana Bhatura

For the main course the first dish that I had was the Chana Bhatura. Again, it is another signature dish of Cream Centre and the bhatura that they make is the biggest one in India (see the pic above). The plate on which the bhatura was served was barely visible lol!. The chana was cooked to perfection, the spices and the oil added was just the right amount needed. Not too hot yet flavoursome. The bhatura too was delicious and came with an accompaniment of onions, slices of lemon and pickle. I would highly recommend it to all chola bhatura lovers in Lucknow.

Sizzling Paneer Chilli

The second dish that I had for the main course was from their Sizzlers section called Sizzling Paneer Chilli. Such a simple dish yet done so tastefully. It comprised of paneer chilli with onion & capsicum gravy served with rice. It was not overtly spicy and I quite liked it. Since its a sizzler and the gravy thickens very quickly, so if you need extra gravy you can ask for it.


Sizzling Brownie

For me the dish of the day was the Sizzling Brownie. People who know me are aware that I am a Brownie lover and I have eaten all kinds of Brownies I could get my hands on, but the brownie made and served at Cream Centre Lucknow wins hands down!. Hats off to Chef Raja ( head chef @Cream Centre Lucknow ) for baking such a delightful brownie and combining it so well with a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream served with a sinfully decadent chocolate sauce drizzled all over it and topped with toasted cashews nuts

It was a fine dining experience indeed and I would highly recommend Cream Centre Lucknow. My suggestion to the skeptical diners is that give it a try and you’ll love it!