BOOK: The Rich Labourer

AUTHOR: Parthajeet Sarma (co-authoured by Sibani Sharma)

PUBLISHER: iDream Publication, 2017

Reading is one of those hobbies of mine I always find time for. For me enjoying a good book over a cup of coffee is the ultimate form of relaxation. Recently I received a book called The Rich Labourer written by Parthajeet Sarma (co-authored by Sibani Sharma) for a Book Review. I was glad to receive it as the bookworm in me had been craving for an interesting book to read. The cover of the book shows a man walking up the path (stairs) of ‘success’. The tag line: “A 3-Step Path to Finding Solutions: For People, Organisations and for Society” speaks volumes about the contents inside the book.

The blurb reads as, “A move like the demonetization of higher denomination Indian currency bills, with deep impact in the lives of every Indian, appears drastic at first look. Months of planning would have gone behind its announcement and deployment. Everyone wants to be innovative. People do. Organisations do. So do governments. Being innovative is necessary for survival today. Everyone’s understanding of the path to innovation is different. Whether it is the government initiating a public directive like the demonetisation of high value currency notes or a private organisation launching a new product, it is critical is to be human centric. Real value is co-created with the end-user. In a first of its kind, this book uses a fictional story in the backdrop to demonstrate a 3-step structured approach towards innovation. The Probe-Ponder-Prove method or the 3P Method. This first version of the book is like a prototype and is an experiment in itself. Prototypes are made to secure feedback and use such feedback to improve any product or service. Readers are requested to leave their comments and suggestions, to enable an enhanced second version. Feedback link: Rich Labourer “

I quite like the fact that the story is ‘human centric’ and begins by emphasising  on the significance of having the right perspective in life. I completely second that opinion as how we perceive a situation changes everything. A positive approach helps us find solutions and a negative one leaves us sad, depressed and unable to be pro-active. This book uses a fictional story about the life of of a couple in the backdrop to demonstrate a 3-step approach(Probe, Ponder & Prove) towards innovation.

To be honest, Parthajeet’s take on innovation left me impressed. Every government, organisation and most individuals aspire to be creative & innovative. Innovation is vital to progress in todays day & age. However, everyone’s understanding of the path to innovation is different. Irrespective of the path that one follows, what is critical is to be human centric. It is the end user who helps co-create value for products and services. What I really appreciate is the fact that the author stresses on human centric’ innovation. According to him real value can only be created with the end user. The author has used simple, everyday examples to get across his point to the readers.

The main characters of the story- Ravi, Riya, Vinod, Jagdish, Nikita, Seema, Rohit, Ramesh and Saee together take the story further and teach us how to conceptualise and implement an idea and make it beneficial for the society and people at large and also make profit out of it at the same time. The language used by the author in his narration is simple and easy to understand. The descriptions in the book are quite realistic and I think everyone would be able to relate to them, especially the struggle to strike a balance at both home and at work as portrayed by the main protagonists is so real and is something that every modern day couple encounters in his/her life every day. I feel it is only when the author is describing the 3P method, the language gets a bit technical.

Those of you who are looking for some inspiration to strike out on your own, The Rich Labourer is a must read. Why just entrepreneurs, I think anyone who is going through tough situation needs to apply the Probe-Ponder-Prove Method to his life.

You can buy this book online via Amazon.

Until next time..Happy Reading 🙂