My Zobag containing Aryanveda arganic hair serum, MCaffeine smooth jazz caffeine body butter, Veda essence avocado peppermint tea tree vit-E Soap,  Banjaras pure herb hibiscus powder,  Banjaras multani orange face wash in deluxe size & a sample of OGX Niacin and caffeine shampoo and conditioner  

Monthly subscription bags/boxes have grown in popularity. As far as India is concerned, subscription bags are gaining ground & its a growing market where every month we hear of new brands joining the brigade. It truly is a creative and exciting concept where you get a box full of surprise goodies delivered at your doorstep every month. These subscription boxes generally have a theme like beauty subscription box, lifestyle box, kids box, jewelry box, period box, etc. Also, what is great for the consumer is that what you actually pay for these boxes is much less than the actually cost of all the products included in the box/bag. I am quite fond of subscription boxes myself, so I was delighted when Zotezo approached me to review their Zobag which has just been launched.

My Zobag 

Zobag is your monthly beauty bag and comes with a theme every month. This month zobag has summer special head to toe paraben free theme which is great as I love trying out organically made products. This month’s Zobag is made of jute to give a natural feeling as jute is biodegradable material and can be used innumerable times and has been designed specially keeping the scorching Indian summers in mind. ZOBag is quite pocket-friendly and gives you great value for money. There are 2 kinds of bags –

  • Zobag for Rs 499 which includes 6 products.
  • Zobag mini for Rs 199 which includes 4 products

I received the one with 6 products. Read further to know about all the products in detail-

ZOBAG (499) – This zobag includes 6 products: 

  1. Aryanveda arganic hair serum – the hair serum is filled with vitamin E, omega 9, argan oil, omega 3 and natural ingredients. This serum enhances the beauty of your hair in few days. You just need to use 2 pumps of this serum and see the effect. More than 2 pumps may leave your hair oily. Price of this 50ml serum is Rs 600. My hair is quite frizzy at times so I decided to sample this product. I took 2 pumps of this serum and applied it on shampooed damp-dry hair. The results were good as I could feel my tresses becoming softer and silky.

2. MCaffeine smooth jazz caffeine body butter – it contains a signature blend of natural emollients, extracts, and vitamins to soothe and moisturize your skin. Often, people don’t use body butter in summers as it feels heavy on the skin and makes it oily. But MCaffeine smooth jazz caffeine body butter is light and rejuvenates the skin. Price of this 50ml body butter is Rs 399. Also it smells divine people!. It applied on my skin after taking a bath and my dry skin felt refreshed and renewed. I’ll be able to tell you about my entire experience only after I have used it for at least a fortnight.

3. Veda essence avocado peppermint tea tree vit-E Soap – it is made with aromatic oils, this soap gives you softer and more youthful skin which is suitable for all skin types. This soap is especially for summers as it contains peppermint to keep you cool all day long. I could actually smell the peppermint even when it was packed. This 125 gms bar of soap costs Rs 210. I am so looking forward to sampling this bar of soap. It claims to heal and restore skin glow with regular usage. Avocado which is one the ingredients in this soap, soothes dry & itchy skin and also prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin E makes the skin soft and supple. Peppermint & Tea-Tree reduce pigmentation, rashes acne and improves the complexion.

4. Banjaras pure herb hibiscus powder– it moisturizes and makes the hair softer and shinier. Hibiscus is very well known for promoting the hair growth. The importance of hibiscus powder is still not known to many people. It promotes hair growth, strengthens your hair, treats the dry and itchy scalp, thickens hair, makes your hair bouncier and prevents hair loss. This pack of 100 gms costs Rs 90. I have used this powder once. What you need to do is mix this Banjaras powder with water and make a paste and apply it on your hair for 20 minutes. Rinse is off thoroughly with water. It did leave my hair with a sheen. It is a natural hair conditioner and moisturiser making the hair soft and healthy.

5. Banjaras multani orange face wash – this soap free face wash enriched with natural moisturizers and antioxidants helps in getting rid of sun tan and ill effects of pollution leading to a bright and fresh skin. It possesses a refreshing scent and feels great on application. The 2 main ingredients of this face-wash are Multani-Mitti & Orange. It’s great  for summers as it helps in getting rid of sun tan. This 50 ml+ 10 ml (free) pack costs Rs 140.

6. OGX Niacin and caffeine shampoo and conditioner – it strengthens your hair and combats hair fall. Besides strengthening the hair shaft, caffeine adds natural shine to your hair and makes them more manageable and increases fiber production. These are basically 1 sample each of a shampoo and a conditioner. It claims to combat hair-fall and strengthen the hair follicles. Looking forward to trying it out.

Beautifully gift wrapped Zobag with a personalised card stating #beyourownqueen which is so cool

My Zobag came packed in this gorgeous box full of husk & rose petals which gave it such a natural & summery feel

All of the above products came beautifully packed and in perfect condition. It came gift-wrapped along with husk & rose petals which gave it a more natural feel and to be honest I felt special receiving such a beautifully packed Zobag (see the pic above). The entire cost of all the products together exceeds Rs 1300, however ZOBag is giving them for only Rs 499!.What I really appreciate is the fact that Zotezo has beautifully gift-wrapped their Zobag and have also sent me a personal note with #beyourownqueen which is so cool ( pic given above ). I would say its a steal and you guys should definitely order yours from their website . 

For those of you who are interested in purchasing their Zobag worth Rs 199, here’s what it contains-

MINI ZOBAG (199) – it contains 4 products:

  1. MCaffeine smooth jazz caffeine body butter
  2. Banjaras multani orange face wash
  3. OGX Niacin and caffeine shampoo and conditioner
  4. Banjaras multani mitti papaya face pack

Zobag can also be gift wrapped for you or your loved ones for Rs 30, this includes  rose petals and husk. I think it’s a small sum to pay for sending across a gift wrapped Zobag to a someone.