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The Place Of Origin was started in May, 2015 with the goal of popularizing local foods and  small, family-owned food businesses all across the country, which today face an existential risk from major FMCG brands. It’s mission is to provide the Indian consumers with 100 percent authentic, locally sourced genuine products from their place of origin/production to their doorstep. What a wonderful concept!. Now you can be residing in any part of India and the Place Of Origin will source the product of your desire from any corner of the country and bring it to you and that too in no time!. For example if you’ve tried the yummy cakes at Flurys in Kolkata and you stay in Lucknow like me, you really don’t have to wait for your aunt from Kolkata to pay you a visit hoping she’ll bring along those delicious cakes for All you need to do is log on to and place your orders and the Place Of Origin will ensure that the products ordered are delivered to you on time and that too absolutely fresh!.

 India is the birthplace and home of a number of cuisines. The environment, soil, climate and history contribute to unique recipes made with locally sourced produce. Accordingly, every town in India is famous for select foods or food producers. As human beings, it is natural for us to have a strong emotional connect with the food we eat. For example I’m very fond of nolen gur sandesh of Ganguram in Kolkata as I clearly remember visiting this sweet shop with my maternal grand-father whenever I used to visit him in Kolkata during my summer vacations when I was still a school-going girl. There will always be some food products which trigger fond memories of familiar hometown flavours and gastronomical experiences – it could be the sweetshop from across the street from where you grew up or a confectionery in that hill station that you went to one summer. We crave these wonderful foods. But given our busy work life and personal obligations, it is difficult for us to visit these places frequently. Now, with the PlaceOfOrigin you no longer need to wait to avail of your favourite foods!.

This is one of my favourites among the products sent to me by the Place Of Origin..Masala Muri By Muckharochak made in Kolkata. I must say it tastes exactly how it used whenever I munched on it in Kolkata while visiting my grand-parents house.

The Place Of Origin also sources organic products from different regions of the country. So all you health conscious people can go ahead and place your orders. I received this Navane Dosa Mix ( Foxtail Millet ) By Millet Home Organic and it is quite flavoursome

I enjoyed having this Patti Gajjak ,By Ram Chandra Sahai from Meerut. It’s made of pure Desi Ghee and makes for an ideal winter sweet

I loved this rice cultivar from West Bengal called the Gobindobhog Rice By Ambo Agritec Private Limited. It is a short grain, white, aromatic, sticky rice having a sweet buttery flavour.

O how I gobbled these Dry Fruit Kachoris By Jain Vijay Farsan Mart from Jamnagar. The packaging has been done beautifully and the kachoris contain an impeccable mix of dry-fruits and the finest hand-picked spices, hence making these Dry Fruit Kachoris an ideal gifting item!

This flavour-packed sambhar masala By DANA is free from any iron & lead particles an hence retains essential and volatile oils. Only pure & natural ingredients have been used which is reflected in the taste of the product.

The PlaceOfOrigin has a wide variety of Snacks, Sweets, Staples & Winter Specials so what are you waiting for..give it a try!