Hello Pretties!

Another new month & with it comes another new VanityCask beauty subscription box!. This time around VanityCask has come out with their Glow Edition to beat the fatigue and hectic schedules of the previous month packed with festivities.

What the VanityCask team has to say about their Glow Edition:

“As much as we love the festive season, we understand that the celebrations come with its own set of challenges for your skin. This festive season, enjoy the celebrations and let VanityCask specialists guide you with the best skincare products. With our Glow Edition, we are bringing to you just what you need to protect your skin during this time. VanityCask won’t let the hectic festive season play havoc to your skin. We proudly present to you our Glow Edition which will have you literally glowing!”


As usual the packaging of this edition too is luxe. All five products come neatly kept in a gorgeous pink satin pouch which is kept inside the quintessential black box and is accompanied by a couple of gift vouchers.

Here’s what the Glow Edition contains:

  1. Bliscent Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrub
  2. Votre White Essence Advance Brightening Creme Scrub
  3. MCaffeine Sea Ferns Caffeine Sunscreen
  4. Gulnare Aloe + Vitamin E Face Cream
  5. Mom’s Therapy Coffee Body Scrub

Bliscent Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrub:

  • If you need to get rid of that pesky dry flaky skin on your lips Bliscent’s Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrub is definitely going to be your go-to product then! Include this scrub in your lip care routine to buff away flaky skin for baby soft lips.
  • Key Ingredients include Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sugar, Skin safe Flavout oil
  • The fragrance of this scrub is absolutely divine.
  • It does do the job of scrubbing the lips well
  • The granules in are not too coarse and can be used on sensitive and thin lip skin.
  •  I received a 12 gms pack (full size) which retails for INR 200 in my VanityCask

Votre White Essence Advance Brightening Creme Scrub:

  • Votre is one brand I always look forward to sampling. In fact it was VanityCask that introduced me to it in the first place and I can’t thank VanityCask enough for that!. Most of the products that I’ve tried from Votre have passed with flying colours. So I was looking forward to trying this one too.
  • Well this one claims to be a complexion enhancing advanced scrub with natural exfoliants that reveals your natural fairness and glowing skin. Licorice, Aloe, Tomato Extract, Blackberry helps regulate melanin synthesis, while turmeric extract nourishes the skin. The result is visibly brighter, soft and glowing skin.
  • The key ingredients include Aloe Vera, Liquorice, Blackberry, Turmeric Extracts, Tomato Extracts, Papaya Seed Extracts, Parsley Extracts, Base qs
  • Well upon sampling it did leave my skin softer and brighter and hence I’m looking forward to incorporating it in my daily beauty regime
  • It retails for  INR 850 for a 100 gas pack (I received a 30 gms pack in the box)

MCaffeine Sea Ferns Caffeine Sunscreen:

  • Well to begin with, I wish MCaffeine would mention their entire list of ingredients in every product. Anyways receiving a sunscreen is always a good idea since I have a habit of using a sunscreen daily.
  • What the brand claims: Sea Ferns Sunscreen with Argan Oil and Calendula is a unique blend that offers protection as well as nourishment to your skin. Designed especially for the outdoors, SPF-30 provides sun protection. Special Sea Ferns extract provides natural sun protection. Calendula soothes your skin. Caffeine protects from harmful UV rays and tones the skin. An airy fragrance that reminds you of the blue skies and the deep seas. Use it every time you want to shine bright in the sun. A paraben free formula not tested on animals.
  • Key Ingredients: Liquorice extract, turmeric extract, calendula extract, caffeine
  • Price: INR 529 for 150ml (50ml deluxe sample in box)

Gulnare Aloe + Vitamin E Face Cream:

  • Well I’ve received this product earlier in my VanityCask Flawless Edition Box.
  • I have finished that tub already and have shared my thoughts on it earlier on the blog. It is an amazing cream and I look forward to using it again.
  • Gulnare Face Cream is a lightweight face cream specifically meant for oily skin types.
  • I would say that its more of a Cucumber Gel comprising of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.
  • It retails for INR 550 for 50 gms. (I received a deluxe sized sample of 30 gms)

Mom’s Therapy Coffee Body Scrub:
  • I have tried a couple of products from Mom’s Therapy courtesy VanityCask and discovered that they were pretty effective.
  • I’m a big fan of coffee scrubs and find them really good.
  • The fragrance is that of filter coffee and is a hit with caffeine addict like myself.
  • Coffee makes an excellent body scrub as it’s a natural exfoliator, which helps to do away with dry dead skin to reveal a real glow.
  • The key Ingredients include Brown sugar, glycerin, coffee grounds, grape seed oil, black sesame oil
  • Price: INR 350 for 100g (50g deluxe sample in box)

Currently VanityCask is offering the following Subscription Plans:

  • 1 month – 999 INR
  • 3 months – 2399 INR (800 INR per month)
  • 6 months – 4199 INR (700 INR per month)

You can buy the box from their official website by clicking HERE

Also I have a PromoCode for you via which you get an extra product in this months VanityCask. The Code is APSHWA. Do use it and avail this offer

So you can actually get the box for

  • 830 INR for a month
  • 2035 INR for 3 months with a Limited Edition BVlGARI Box FREE
  • 3705 INR for 6 months with a Limited Edition BVlGARI Box and an additional month FREE

They also have a referral program wherein if two people buy the box, you get one box free, if four people buy the box, you get two months boxes free and so on. More details on this is available on their website.

Happy Shopping! 🙂