Flawless Edition of Vanitycask

Attaining a flawless complexion/skin is what we women desire most. Well to be honest it is combination of eating the right kind of food plus using beauty products suiting to your skin type that help you achieve this goal. Are you aware that you can eat your way to attaining a beautiful and flawless skin? There is a strong connect between what you eat and how your complexion/skin looks!. With the correct type of foods, you can even reduce the first signs of aging like wrinkles, thickening, discoloration, and loosening of the skin. Also it goes without saying that eating proper foods helps to keep your body healthy. A healthy body will always reflect healthy and glowing skin.Therefore a well balanced diet is a pre-requisite for healthy and vibrant skin.

Having said that, our beauty regimen too is of great consequence if we are aiming towards a glowing complexion. Using products which suit our skin type and address our specific skin concerns help us to achieve just that. This is precisely the reason why Beauty Subscription Boxes are becoming quite a rage these days and I am a huge fan myself as these boxes allow you to try out new products in the market & that too at reduced prices. The total worth of the entire box is usually worth a lot more than what we actually pay for as consumers.

One of my favourite Subscription Boxes is VANITYCASK. It is beauty box that gets delivered to your home. It contains samples of luxury beauty brands, handpicked by experts, to suit Indian women and costs only Rs 999!. I recently ordered the current box for June’17 which basically comprises of skin-care products which help you attain a flawless complexion and is therefore known as the VanityCask Flawless Edition. It is a culmination of brands like Vôtre, Comfort Zone, Gulnare, The Nature’s Co. & VLCC and aims to bring the gift of Perfect Skin to women across the country.

Here’s what the Flawless Edition of Vanitycask contains:

  • Multivitamin & Rejuvenating Night Cream from Votre
  • Gulnare’s Aloe & Vit E Face Cream
  • Fullers Earth Face Pack from The Nature’s Co
  • VLCC’s Sandal Cleansing Milk
  • Comfort Zone Active Pureness 

Multivitamin & Rejuvenating Night Cream from Votre: This is one product from the box I was really keen on trying since I am always on the lookout for a good night cream which not only moisturises my skin but also provides it with required nutrition and I have to say Votre does exactly that. All you need to do is apply a coin sized blob of the cream after cleaning your face before sleeping. Votre contains multivitamins and hence assists in cell renewal and delays the process of ageing. I received a 30 gm pack in my Vanitycask. The full sized product is 50 gm and costs Rs 2450

 Gulnare’s Aloe & Vit E Face Cream: All of us know about the benefits of Aloevera, it helps to hydrate, heal & protect the skin. What I liked about this day cream is that it comes in gel form and gets easily absorbed into the skin without any fuss thereby leaving your skin feeling light which is what all of us want in our day cream. Since it contains SPF, I don’t have to worry about damage to my skin. It’s key ingredients are Aloevera, Vitamin E Oil & Cucumber and comes in a 50 gm pack (full size) which costs Rs 550. I received a 30 gm sample size in my box.

Fullers Earth Face Pack from The Nature’s Co: I make it a point to use a face pack at least once a week. I tried this multani-mitti or fullers earth face pack and I have to say it did leave my skin a bit brighter. All you need to do is apply the pack on your face & neck avoiding contact with your eyes. Then allow the paste to dry up and once it’s dry, rinse it off with cold water. Since my skin is quite dry, I mixed a little moisturiser in the pack and then applied it. I received a 35 gm sample, the full sized product comes in a 270 gm pack which costs you Rs 2195.

VLCC’s Sandal Cleansing Milk: As the name suggests, it smells like sandalwood. This cleansing milk from VLCC helps me to remove the dirt & grime of the day. All I do is take a teaspoon of cleansing milk and massage it gently into my skin and then remove it with the help of damp cotton. Did you know that cleansing milk not only helps to remove make up but also helps to balance oil secretion, dryness, pimples and dark circles?. Isn’t that great?!!. I was thinking of purchasing a good cleansing milk for myself and I’m glad I found this one from VLCC in my Vanitycask. I received a full sized product that is 100 ml which costs Rs 160.

Comfort Zone Active Pureness : These are basically Skin-Treatments & Pro-face Kits. I received a sample of a single kit containing a scrub, a cleansing gel, a tonic, a hydra fluid and a clay mask of 2 ml each. The price of the full sized products is available on request. I have yet to try this skin treatment so I’ll let you know about it effectiveness once I’ve done that.

A special mention for the beautifully packed Vanitycask Box. I received all my products in a bright pink satin bag inside the box( pic given above). Also the June Edition of Vanitycask is accompanied by several discount vouchers from VLCC, RAW Pressery, Sublime & Skinalive. I am looking forward to availing my bonus pedicure from VLCC very soon via this voucher. I would totally recommend Vanitycask to you guys. Besides being an innovative beauty box, it also makes for a great gifting option. So go ahead pamper yourself and your loved ones…ciao 🙂