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More often than not we consider our beautiful locks as a reflection of who we are and regard it as an intrinsic part of our beauty. For most women or even men these days, a bad hair day is equivalent to a bad day. We are living in an age where due to the existing environmental pollution, poor diet/bad eating habits and lack of proper hair care leads to hair-loss/hair-thinning after a certain age. This obviously takes a toll on the self-esteem of the person concerned as our locks are precious to us. Even more so for a lady since we consider it to be a part of our femininity.

Sometimes despite our best efforts at hair-care we lose hair on our scalp and develop bald patches and consequently look for cosmetic solutions for the same. Well recently I discovered a brand called Super Million Hair which does exactly that! Super Million Hair is owned and manufactured by a company named RUAN from Japan, an ISO certified company. The product is being sold in over 70 countries globally since 1986. Super Million Hair is a hair building fiber used by both men and women who may have thinning hair or bald patches or thinning hairline on their head. It is now available in India & is imported and marketed by NK Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Super Million Hair Fibre & Mist 

What Super Million Hair Claims:

Super Million Hair is specially processed static charged natural hair building fibers which conceal thinning hair. It’s made out of natural fibers (rayon) extracted from pulp, which is cut into 0.3 to 0.5 mm pieces, mixed together to add volume and cover your hair naturally. For people with thin hair, Super Million Hair is the best thin hair solution which adheres to the scalp to add thickness to the thinning hair area. After the fibers have been placed on the thinning area, they are then held in place by a specially formulated mist, this acts as a bonding agent interlocking the fibers to the hair. Super Million Hair is not a cure for baldness, but it will make your head look as if you have got a head full of hair and is completely unnoticeable.

That’s my mother’s hair before application. The hair thinning is clearly visible

See the difference after I applied Super Million Hair Fibre & Mist on to her hair!

My Review:

  1. Well, the claims sounded really good, so I went ahead and ordered a Dark Brown Colour (No 2) along with a Hair Mist for my mother who had been looking for a cosmetic cure for her thinning hair since a long time now.
  2. The packaging of the product is sturdy. Hair fibers comes in a beautiful silver container which is kept inside a carton. The outer carton displays all the required information about the product and comes with directions so that the application is super-easy for the user. Hair mist comes in a silver spray bottle which is quite convenient to use.
  3. Directions for Use:

Step 1- Gently tap Super Million Hair fibers container over the thinning area. Check the area is completely covered by using a hand mirror.

Step 2- Stroke the area with your hand gently to scatter and distribute the fibres into your hair and apply Super Million Hair Mist to secure the fibres. Hold spray 15cm away from your hair.

4. When you apply Super Million Hair fibres to your own head, the fibres attach seamlessly to your own hair with static charge, creating a thicker looking head of hair in an instant. It’s a simple 2 step process and takes less than 30 seconds!

5. What is great is that it is undetectable to the human eye as you can see in the pictures above. In fact, it is undetectable even as close as two inches.

6. Super Million Hair fibres are very durable and will not come off even in wind, rain, perspiration or even your pillow. Once you’ve locked it with the hair mist, it stays securely in place giving you that natural look.

7. You can easily take it off via a hair-wash.

8. It is suitable for both men & women

9. A 15gms container of Super Million Hair fiber retails for INR 1995/- and the Hair Mist costs INR 595/-. Buying a combo will be cost effective as it will cost you INR 2590/-

10. Both have a shelf life of 36 months

Would I recommend Super Million Hair? Absolutely!! I have used it on my mother’s thinning hair and the results are for you to see for yourself. I appreciate the fact that it is a simple, easy as well safe way to tackle the problem of bald patches and hair thinning. It is in fact a cosmetic solution that the Indian beauty market was definitely in need of.

Super Million Hair is now available on AmazonFlipkartPurplePaytm & Snapdeal. You can also check out their website www.supermillionhair.in for more information.

Cheers to Happy Hair Days!!!