My personalised book from Lost My Name-The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Books play a remarkable and an extremely vital role in our lives. It is said that “When you open a book, you open a new world”. I believe that there are very few people who would disagree with this belief as books have consistently proved the importance of their existence time and again throughout the ages.  For the majority of people, books are part of their everyday life. Books are like that companion who will never leave your side no matter what and also render you life learning lessons in the process. They not only help to develop your intellect but also leave you better equipped to deal with this journey called life!.

I’m so delighted to share with you my first International Collaboration with a publishing giant called Lost My Name which is based in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2012 and makes customised books for children from the ages of 0-8 years. Over the years their popularity soared and so far they have sold over 500,000 copies world-wide!. On Amazon over 3 million e-books have already been sold so you can imagine the love & affection these books enjoy all across the globe.

My name on the last page of the book when I am finally successful in finding it!

What makes Lost My Name different & unique is question that might pop-up in your head at this point. Allow me to answer your question, Lost My Name gives every customer the opportunity to create and customise the book. The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Her/His Name opens as a child wakes, to discover their name is missing from their wardrobe door. They then set off on a quest to find it, meeting bears, mermaids, narwhals and other creatures, depending on the letters which make up their name. It has beautiful illustrations, wonderfully written and created especially for every child, this is bespoke storytelling like never before.

All you need to do is go to their website , as soon as the website opens it gives you the option of creating a book in the name of your child or gifting it to a newly born baby or also gifting it as a birthday present for children upto the age of 8 years.The Dedication of the book is on the first page and that too can be customised in your child’s name. As the title of the book suggests, it describes the journey of a child who has lost his/her name and goes on a journey to find it, and on his/her way he/she meets a number of magical creatures who give him/her alphabets to his/her name. And in the end the child is happy as he/she finally finds his/ hername which was lost!. In fact you even have the option to choose the magical characters your child meets!. Isn’t that Interesting?!!.

I chose this cute looking girl who had dark short hair like me to represent the character of Shruti (that’s me) in the story

This is one the magical characters- The Unicorn that I meet on my journey to find my name

Lost My Name combines the power of stories with the possibilities of technology, to create magical, personalised experiences for kids. The books are A4 sized, landscape. They are digitally printed on thick, uncoated, environment-friendly paper. Each book is personalised and printed just for you.They provide you with an estimated delivery date when you buy your book – but generally this will be between 7 and 12 days. What is great is that they also provide free-shipping world-wide!

I had so much fun customising my own Book- The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name :)..I chose a cute looking girl with short-blunt dark hair who kind of looked like me to represent SHRUTI (that’s me). I also dedicated the book to myself and believe me when I tell you that it is the cutest dedication ever, one every child will love.(pic below)

It goes like this-

Dear Shruti, 

  We meet a lot of Magical and Wonderful CreaturesThroughout our lives

         These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more!

Then I went on to choose the wonderful creatures I would be meeting in my quest to find my lost name depending upon the alphabets in my name. I chose the Squid for S’, ‘Hippopotamus for H’, ‘Robot for R’, ‘Unicorn for U’(pic above), ‘Troll for T’ and finally the ‘Imp for I’. 

This book makes for a perfect gift for children no matter what the occasion and I would totally recommend it to everyone.

At Lost My Name, they believe that-The world needs more magic and I feel the same way!