The two versions of Revolt Oxygen Cans. The bigger one contains upto 60 breaths of fresh oxygen and the Mini version contains upto 30 breaths.

Oxygen is one of the most vital requirements of life, without which human beings on Earth would not be able to survive. It plays a critical role in sustaining human life on Earth. Living organisms generate energy from food through the process of respiration. This allows humans and other organisms to perform their daily tasks and go about their day to day business of living. Energy is the primary source of life and the production of energy in the body depends upon oxygen. The second important function of oxygen is to combine with metabolic waste products to allow their elimination from the body which again is critical for a healthy survival.

Now the interesting part is that despite being well-aware of the significance of oxygen in our lives, we as human beings are busy chopping down trees and building concrete jungles thereby eliminating the very source of oxygen-Trees to be precise. In nature, plants produce oxygen by using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. This process is called photosynthesis. Most of the oxygen in the air is produced by photosynthesis. So basically we are living in an environment with very low levels of oxygen available. This lowered oxygen supply is the cause of a number of diseases prevalent today.

Besides the above mentioned facts, sometimes too much of stress, air pollution and high-altitude lead to reduced levels of oxygen and one requires it from an external source. With reference to the above, I came to know about a company which mass produces oxygen cans for such uses called Revolt Oxygen Cans and felt the need to dig deeper and find out about it since it addresses such a vital problem today.

Revolt sent me two variants of their oxygen cans for review. The first one is a light 50 gas can(Slim version) which contains around 60 breaths and has a shelf life of about 3 years. All the instructions regarding usage are printed on the back of the can. All you need to do is spray 1-2 second burst into nose or mouth while inhaling deeply. You need to inhale, hold and exhale for best results. Ideally one should take 3-5 inhalations per use( as mentioned on the can ). The smaller or the Mini version of Revolt Oxygen Can is quite similar to the bigger one as far as packaging and usage go except of course it is smaller in size. The mini version weighs around 40 gms and contains about 30 breaths. It too has a shelf life of 3 years. When I sampled these oxygen cans I could feel a burst of fresh air inside my lungs upon inhaling it. I found the mini version very portable & easy to carry. I could easily slip it inside my purse and carry it along with me (pictures given below)

 Revolt is 95% pure recreational oxygen that restores your body’s level of oxygen and energizes you. These oxygen cans prove to be of significant use during situations when there is a sharp drop in the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere. For example while mountaineering, hiking, trekking or rock climbing – higher altitudes signify a drop in oxygen levels and directly affects our performance. The elevation along with intense activity brings discomfort to the body while making it hard to breathe. While participating in a marathon or any sport there is a reduction in the body’s oxygen levels and it leads to cramping and muscle stiffness which can be easily tackled with a few breaths of oxygen from Revolt Oxygen Cans.

Revolt was founded in 2015 when Prakash (its Founder & CEO) was diagnosed with a temporary condition of dilated cardiomyopathy (heart enlargement) during his stay in Tbilisi, Georgia. Despite having led a healthy lifestyle and consulting several doctors he was unable to identify the real cause of his problem. After his recovery, he chanced upon information that revealed that bad air quality is a major cause of deaths in Georgia. Bad air quality is a silent killer leading to heart diseases, stroke and lung cancer. Hence inspired by his experiences, he founded Revolt Oxygen. I am a firm believer that such an innovative & honest initiative needs to be given a chance. You can check out their products at & at Amazon

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