FUSION WEAR: A Sina qua non this party season!:


In the 1960s and 1970s,  as Western fashion trends were inspired by elements of Indian dresses, Indian fashion too absorbed elements of Western sensibilities. This mutual appreciation continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s, as globalisation  in fashion design came to rule the world, Western designers started incorporating traditional Indian crafts, textiles and techniques at the same time as Indian designers allowed the West style & drapes to influence their work.The outcome is very visible in the 21st century, comfortable Palazzos have replaced the tight Churidars and the mundane Shalwaar. Well-fitted Crop-tops have replaced Blouses and Indian women are opting to don them not just with skirts but also with traditional Indian Sarees. Indo-Western fusion garments are quite popular among Indian consumers,be it men, women or even children.These garments are gaining acceptance in the Indian mindset, and are becoming the choice of apparel at formal and informal events, as well as for work wear. Several Indian designers like Rohit Bal, J.J. Vallaya and Manish Malhotra to name a few have embraced fusion wear whole heartedly. Consequently, there are several such pieces of apparel available in the market today.

This trending blend of elements from the Indian and Western cultures can be seen in accessories as well, especially in the case of jewellery. Usually, a light Western touch is added to Indian traditional jewellery, so as to make it suitable for wearing with fusion wear. Besides this, large dangling earrings, beads,  fancy bracelets and not to forget the chokers which are making a come-back, are also in vogue with fusion wear.

Being a fashionista I’m no different, so this festive season keeping in mind the fusion trend,I too decided to opt for a Ghagra inspired full skirt with a well-fitted Crop top. The accessories I choose to wear again reflected the theme of fusion wear, long Danglers in my ears with a very western black Choker on my neck and simply a stylish Wrist-watch on my wrist instead of bangles or a bracelet ( picture on the top of the page )


Accessories: Black Choker & Dangling ear-rings by @www.myntra.com and a Pink dial wrist -watch by @Titan


Well-fitted Crop Top & Ghagra inspired skirt by @Indya