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Skin care is one of the most important components of natural beauty, no matter what your age, skin tone, or skin type. The right kind of skin-care is vital not just for good looks but also for good health. Hence the type of skin-care products that we choose are of immense consequence. Personally speaking organic products are my first choice as they are not laden with harmful chemicals which are responsible for damaging our hair & skin in the longer run.

I am always on the lookout for new and fresh organic skin-care products launched in the beauty bazaar. One such brand is Organic Affaire which promises to provide the consumers with luxurious organic products. Well you know me, I had to sample some of their products & see if they worked for me.

Here’s what I ordered for myself:

  1. Tenera (Hair Conditioner)
  2. Silka (Shampoo)
  3. Keraluscious (Hair Oil)
  4. Florette (Night Cream)


  • Tenera is Organic Affaire’s premium hand-made hair conditioner. I quite like the packaging of the product. It comes in a white and golden 100 ML pump dispenser with a well fitted cap which ensures that the product remains securely inside the dispenser & there is no leakage. All the information about the conditioner are clearly mentioned on the cover.
  • The packaging of the product makes it quite portable. You can easily slip it inside your bag or suitcase while travelling without any fear of any spillage.
  • The key ingredients of Tenera are Organic essential oils of tea tree & rosemary, organic aloe vera, organic coconut milk, organic olive oil, coconut butter, vitamin E, veg glycerin, avocado & Salinatural TCLS Natural preservative which says a lot about the quality of the product in question.
  • It contains no Harsh Chemicals, No Animal Testing, Free from Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Paraben or Sulfates
  • Tenera is the first product from Organic Affaire that I sampled for review. It is a transparent colourless liquid and is fragrance free.
  • Directions for use: Massage gently with required quantity on your hair and scalp before shampooing and rinse. Interestingly enough, unlike other conditioners, you need to apply it before shampooing your hair.
  • After application, my tresses definitely felt more smooth and soft
  • A 100 ML pump retails for INR 779/- and has a shelf life of 24 months.


  • Silka is Organic Affaire’s hand-made shampoo. Well, the very thought of using a hand-made organic shampoo is such a luxury these days when the market is full of chemical laden products.
  • It comes in a beautiful black & golden sturdy pump dispenser which is so convenient to use as it avoids wastage of any product. You can easily dispense just the right amount required. Again, all the information about the product is clearly stated on the outer covering of the dispenser.
  • The key ingredients are organic aloe vera, organic essential oils of tea tree, safe surfocants revitalized with vitamin E, ocimum, natural conditioner & Salinatural TCLS natural preservative.
  • No Harsh Chemicals, No Animal Testing, Free from Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Paraben or Sulfates
  • Silka shampoo is basically transparent or colourless and has a mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • On using it generates just the right amount of lather in order to clean your hair.
  • Directions for use: Form lather on your palm by taking required quantity, apply gently on your scalp & hair and rinse thoroughly.
  • My hair & scalp certainly felt clean & refreshed on use
  • A 200 ML pump retails for INR 599/- and has a shelf life of 24 months.


  • What an innovative and interesting name for a hair oil..Keraluscious!. The very name suggests that the product helps you to attain luscious locks!..I was intrigued and decided to sample this one too as I suffer from dry & frizzy hair.
  • The packaging is similar to that of their shampoo- Silka. It comes in a black & golden 200 ML pump  dispenser which ensures that there is no spillage or wastage of the product. However, the packaging is not very travel-friendly once opened. 
  • The main ingredients of this hand-made hair oil include lotus buds, sesame, hibiscus, amla, brahmi, coconut oil, ratanjot, neem, tulsi, lemon peel, rose petals, curry leaves, fenugreek, heena & bhringraja, mimosa, turmeric, prickly amaranth, kshira champa.
  •  It contains No Harsh Chemicals, No Animal Testing, Free from Mineral Oil, Alcohol, Paragon or Sulphates 
  • It is a golden coloured liquid, the fragrance is reminiscent of the ingredients of the product.
  • Directions for use: Apply evenly with your fingers on your scalp and hair, massage gently & like most hair-oils, leave over night for best results.
  • After application, my dry scalp did feel nourished and hydrated. I am looking forward to incorporating it into my daily beauty regime.
  • A 200 ML pump costs INR 799/-


  • Organic Affaire’s Night cream called Florette promises to provide the user with a Chemical free, Cruelty free, Alcohol free skin-care experience. It is organic handmade day & night face rejuvenation formula.
  • This hand-made premium cream comes in a 30 GM glass tub with a silver screw on cap which ensures that the cream stays inside securely. The packaging is travel friendly and you can easily slip it inside your hand-bag.
  • Ingredients: Essential oils of creamy rose, rose, chamomile, lavender & country Rose, organic lemon oil, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, organic corn oil, vegetable glycerin, certified wheat germ oil, vitamin E, soya lecithin, Infused petal rose water, corn starch, organic aloe vera gel, natural borax mineral, sesame wax, rose hydrosol, & Salinatural TCLS natural preservative.
  • Since I have mostly dry skin throughout the year, I was looking foward to sampling this night cream. I like the composition of the product and the fact that it blends into my skin easily.
  • Directions: Apply required quantity on face & neck and gently massage in circular motion. Use at night for best results.
  • A 30 GM jar retails for INR 799/-

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review of some of the products of Organic Affaire that I sampled. In case you’re interested in checking out their various products just click HERE 

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Lots of Love..Shruti 🙂