Restorative Shampoo, Soothing Hair Conditioner, Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask & Ubtan By Omved 

I love curling up in an over-sized pullover in front of the fire-place with steaming cup of hot coffee during the winter chill. However, freezing temperatures, low humidity, and furnace blasted dry air can leave your skin dry, flaky, and itchy. So basically that is exactly what happens with my skin as well and I am constantly on the lookout for hair and skin-care products which will help me combat this problem. Plus with me the problem compounds as I have very sensitive skin which reacts negatively to chemicals and toxic ingredients. Therefore I prefer & search for natural & organically made products. In one such quest of mine I came across Omved.

Omved makes Lifestyle products including skin & hair care products. What caught my attention when I visited their website was the fact that their 100% natural hair, body and face product line is the first in India to have absolutely no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances. These products are PETA certifed as Vegan and Cruelty-free. Omved is also India’s FIRST and ONLY company to be a proud signee of the SKIN DEEP SAFE COSMETICS pledge. Moreover they claim to make their products with 100% natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, offer safe, unique, therapeutic and efficient products or life-tools, for the body, mind, and soul. They are 100% natural and organic, inspired by the ancient tradition of Vedic Sciences from ancient India. Having read all of the above, I decided to order a few hair & skin-care products for myself from Omved and see if I benefitted from them.

  Products that I ordered from Omved:

  1. Omved Restorative Shampoo for dandruff & troubled scalp
  2. Omved Soothing Conditioner for dandruff & troubled scalp
  3. Omved Hibiscus Bramhmi Hair Mask
  4. Omved All skin types Ubtan 

Checking out the products from Omved and wondering if they’ll solve my hair & skin concerns

That’s me with Omved Restorative Shampoo & Omved Soothing Conditioner that I ordered for my hair

Of late my hair has been anything but the shiny, the constant exposure to pollution and harsh winter cold has made it dry & itchy. Too much up unnatural blow-drying during winters has resulted in a bit of dandruff on my scalp as well, therefore, the first two products that I sampled were Omved’s Restorative Shampoo & Soothing Conditioner and I’m glad I did!. The moment you squeeze out Omved’s Restorative shampoo, you can actually smell the woods in your palm literally!. The aroma of tea-tree, neem, amla & shikakai is quite powerful with undertones of reetha. Heavenly!. I found it gentle on my scalp unlike chemical based shampoos which foam up a great deal. It also left my hair feeling softer and after using it regularly for a week I could clearly see that my dandruff had reduced considerably. What worked wonders for the texture of my hair was the combination of Omved’s Soothing Conditioner along with the shampoo. The conditioner smells of neem and tea-tree. I massaged it into my clean & shampooed hair and left it for 2-3 minutes. The conditioner definitely left my hair softer than it was before and did help to reduce the frizziness of my hair. Also it rendered a glossy sheen to my mane which I absolutely loved. What comes as a bonus is that Omved’s Soothing Conditioner contains Aloe which strengthens hair follicles as well as anti-fungal neem and tea-tree which soothe skin irritation for a long lasting scalp comfort.

Next I tried Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask. Now honestly I’m quite weary of hair masks as I have found them to be too messy and ineffective. However I decided to give Omved’s hair mask a try because of the positive results I got from their hair care range. This hibiscus brahmi hair mask comes in an eco-friendly pack of 50 gms for a sum of Rs 220. Again like the Omved’s Shampoo & conditioner this hair mask too smells great. You know the aroma alone gives away the fact that its full of vibrant natural ingredients like neem, amla, shikakai, brahmi and hibiscus. It’s quite easy to use. All I did was mixed the hair mask with yoghurt into a paste so that I could apply it on my hair easily. Then massaged it into my scalp and applied it on the rest of my hair. then following the instructions given on the pack, I left it on for about 15 minutes. I also wrapped a hot towel over my hair in order to provide it better conditioning.After that I rinsed it properly and followed it up with Omved Restorative Shampoo & Soothing Conditioner. The immediate effect was that my tresses felt revived, restored and softer for sure.

Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask

The final product from Omved that I sampled is their All Skin Types Ubtan. History reveals that ubtan has been used since many ancient years to attain a flawless and glowing skin. All the ingredients used in making ubtan are primarily natural, hence, it can be used on all skin types without any fear of side effects.The ubtan from Omved is made up of Green lentil, black lentil, red sandalwood, white sandalwood and numeric root so you see its completely safe for my sensitive skin. Moreover, you do not need to use it regularly, once in a week is enough to get a glowing skin tone. So all I had to do was mix the Ubtan from Omved with some water so as to make it paste like and scrub it on to my skin in order to remove the dead cells and brighten up my skin. There are several benefits of applying ubtan regularly:

  • Ubtan plays an important role in removing the dead cells of the skin as well as its dryness. Blood circulation increases due to scrubbing. The process of cell regeneration within the skin is accelerated.
  • The skin definitely becomes taut.
  • The dirt and dust particles stuck in the pores of the skin are scrubbed off.
  • Application of ubtan leaves the skin softer & glossy.

Omved All Skin Types Ubtan

 So if you guys are looking for naturally made, 100% organic products free of harmful chemicals you should try out some of Omved’s products. Checkout their skin & hair-care products at . They also make several lifestyle products for Mom & Baby, Therapy Teas, Essential Oils, Reed Diffusers, Ayurvedic Compress and Vaastu Windchimes to name a few. Personally for me I know using Omved’s products has considerably helped & healed my skin and therefore i’ll be using them for a really long time 🙂