Just received My Smytten Box & needless to say I’m totally Smytten!

Smytten is a new generation website/mobile app which has brought about a metamorphosis in the purchase of high end premium products by the Indian consumer.  It offers a wide variety of Grooming products, Baby Care products, Spas and Salon options, Food & Beverages, Eye Care, Fragrances, and even Gym & Fitness solutions. Explore more on their website: Smytten

Here’s how you can order free stuff/samples from Smytten. All you have to do is click on Get an Exclusive Invite button on their website. You’ll have to wait for sometime till the  Smytten team contacts you via e-mail with a invitation link. I received my invitation to try out their products within a couple of days. Once you’ve received your invite, download the Smytten App on your mobile phone and you have the option of choosing any of their three premium products for trial. As you keep on browsing, click on Try Now ( for the ones you like ) and these products will be automatically added to your cart!.Next, just fill in your details and wait for your order. Mine was delivered within four days..pretty quick I must say!.

The products that I chose are Caffeine Infused Body Scrub By Raw Rituals, Aquaria Thermal Light Cream By Vichy & Vanilla Black Tea By Tea Trunk. See the pic given below.


img_0389Caffeine Infused Body Scrub By Raw Rituals, Aqualia Thermal Light Cream By Vichy & Vanilla Black Tea By Tea Trunk

Coming to the Review of the Products I sampled:

Caffeine Infused Body Scrub By Raw Rituals : Raw Rituals is a Company inspired by nature which is reflected in their products. They have attempted to combine the anti-oxidant properties of caffeine found in tea & coffee with modern therapeutic essentials to produce Caffeine Infused Body Scrub. Proper exfoliation of the skin is important as it removes the layer of dead skin cells clogging the skin and reveals the fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. Hence, a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.Therefore, I decided to try out Raw Rituals Caffeine Infused Body Scrub. For a coffee-lover like me, it is a treat indeed!. Unlike other scrubs available, it is gentle on my skin and moisturises it while exfoliating it at the same time, thereby leaving a more glowing complexion!. Apart from the obvious, caffeine is also touted to be a natural cellulite killer! what a bonus!


Caffeine Infused Body Scrub By Raw Rituals

Aqualia Thermal Light Cream By Vichy : The house Vichy currently belongs to the active cosmetic division of L’Oreal, so the standard they abide by are really up there. I had heard a lot about Vichy and the amazing quality of products they manufacture by combining the earth’s natural resources with the innovation of science, and naturally wanted to try them. Each and every Vichy product is unique and absolutely impossible to replicate as they use the mineral-rich water from the Vichy Thermal Spa in France containing the goodness of 15 pure minerals!. Their Aqualia Thermal Lightcream is no different. My skin becomes pretty dry during the winter season but I stay away from thick and oily creams usually. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried Aqualia Thermal Lightcream, it felt smooth on application and was easily absorbed by my skin and true to to its name was light. It definitely left a more-glowing me and reduced the dryness of my skin to a great extent. I was so delighted with the results that I ordered two more products from Vichy!


Aqualia Thermal Light Cream By Vichy

Vanilla Black Tea By Tea Trunk : I am a self-proclaimed Tea & Coffee lover!..offer me a cup of caffeine and I’m all charged up!. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that I ordered a trial pack of Tea Trunk’s Vanilla Black Tea. To begin with, Tea Trunk produces gourmet teas from India crafted by a Tea Sommelier named Snigdha Manchanda. The Vanilla flavoured black tea I ordered was simply delicious!..have you ever tasted a desert in a tea-cup?..try this and you will!. The aroma is heavenly and the the taste undoubtedly Vanilla!. It is a double treat for me as apart from being a caffeine lover, I am very health/fitness conscious so Vanilla Black Tea not only satisfies my caffeine cravings but also my sweet-tooth and that too for a lot less calories!


Vanilla Black Tea By Tea Trunk