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Do you make it a point to follow a night -time beauty ritual?. It’s very important to provide your skin with the required nutrition and hydration before going to bed. The skin actually renews & rejuvenates itself while we’re asleep. So if we give it the much needed nutrition the process of renewal will be even more effective. You will then wake up to a more beautiful & glowing you every single morning!!. Sounds amazing naa?!! Well it is possible, just make sure you clean your face properly and remove all traces of any make-up that you might have worn during the day and then use a good night cream before going to bed which will take care of the rest.

Since the past week, I have been sampling Intenso Repair & Renew Night Cream By Estrella Professional so that I can review it for you. This is the second product by Estrella that I am trying out. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my review of their Intenso Lightening Polish.

 Intenso Repair & Renew Night Cream By Estrella Professional Review:

  • The packaging of the product is quite impressive to begin with. It comes in a transparent white & blue jar with a crew-on lid. This jar is kept inside a sturdy outer carton which displays all the information about the product. Also, the packaging is spill-resistant & quite travel friendly.
  • The cream is a light minty colour and has a pleasant light fragragrance.
  • You can use it daily( at night ) and it is suitable for all skin types, except very oily skin.They do recommend a patch test for hyper sensitive, acne prone skin.
  • All you need to do is apply it on a clean face every night massaging it gently so that it is absorbed into the skin and hence is more effective.
  • I could see initial visible results after a week of application. The skin does become more taut and the complexion improves as well. They claim that in 4 weeks your skin will become younger, lighter, smoother and more supple with reduced signs of ageing.
  • Compared to the other anti-ageing night creams that are available in the market these days, this one is definitely easy on your pocket. A jar of 40 gm costs INR 649 and has a shelf life of 2 years.

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