At The Martini Lounge & Fine Dine

The latest addition to the list of happening party destinations in Lucknow is the Martini Lounge & Fine Dine . It is located in the bustling locality of Kapoorthala opposite Sahara Towers. In fact it is on the top two floors of the building adjacent to where Aryans is situated. The Lounge covers two floors of 2000 sq ft each. There are high-speed elevators available to ferry the guests to the lounge comfortably. As soon as you enter the Martini Lounge , you will find their well-stocked bar right in front. On your right is a vast expanse of well-done seating arrangement and on the left there is a small space to shake a leg or too if you wish to with psychedelic lights and surround sound to help you get into the groove!. The lighting and the ambience is very lounge-like if you know what I mean, dim lights & all. Since I went to review the Martini Lounge over dinner, it took me a while to adjust my eyes to the ambience. The tables for service in the lounge are sprawling and the sofas comfortable.

I began the evening with a round of tasting their signature Mocktails

Martini Special page 3 : It is a concoction of Black Current Syrup, Mango Juice, Cranberry Juice with Coconut Milk being the top note

Blue Craco: Which contains Blue Craco Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Juice of Lichi, Coconut Milk & a bit of Coconut Powder. I found the combination of pineapple and coconut quite delicious.

Santara-Tantra : This was my favourite mocktail of the evening!. It obviously had Orange Juice along with Fennel Seeds, yes you read correctly fennel seeds, along with the juice of freshly crushed Ginger. I must say the fennel seeds and the juice of ginger helped in bringing out the flavour of the mocktail immensely!.

Guava Punch : I found it to my liking as I am found of guava flavour. It was made with Guava Juice, Mint, Lemon, Salt and Red Chilli Powder. quite an interesting combination I must say!

For Starters I had Fish & Chips with Tarter Dip: The chef used very thin flat pieces of Sol Fish and fried it after coating it with their special batter ( which I am told had bits of cornflakes) along with corn flour which is usually used and that rendered it with a really crisp texture which was quite perfect for a starter. The tarter sauce served alongside complimented the fish quite well. The only that I don’t really enjoy about having Sol Fish is the after-taste as it is usually high on Omega Fatty Acid 3 and is hence very oily.

The next starter I had was Chicken Tikka: The ingredients used were fresh which reflected in the taste of the tikka, it was well-done & yet moist at the same time which how I like my Chicken Tikka.

I also tried their Veg as well as Non-Veg Dimsums: The Veg Dimsums comprised of chinese cabbage, bokchoi, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower as well as indian cabbage all rolled together . The flavour of the chicken used in the  Non-Veg Dimsums was delectable. The filling was made by combining chicken, black mushrooms, onions, galangal and lemon grass. Quite a mouthful I must say!. Both the Veg and the Non-Veg Dimsums were served with 3 sauces- Hot Garlic Sauce, Mint Sauce & a very special Dimsum Sauce. The Dimsum Sauce was so tasty that I had to ask the chef how he made it. I was told that it is made with onions, tomatos, white sesame seeds, garlic and pepper.

After a round of starters I went to the roof top to check out their open air area and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It has been done tastefully. On reaching the top floor, you will find a bar on your right, I quite liked the white coloured high-bar chairs placed to sit around the bar-area. The rest of the area has been covered by seating arrangements for the guests. Needless to say that the view from the top is always amazing. I tried their Brain Freezer Hukka on the roof-top which I quite enjoyed. It came shaped like an AK-47 lol and had flavours of mint, apple & supari.

Chicken Green Thai Curry

Chilli Garlic Rice

As it was quite breezy I decided to go down to have my main course. I had Non-Veg Green Thai Curry with Chilli Garlic Rice for the main course. The Green Thai Curry was quite palatable comprising of chicken along with exotic vegetables in a delicious & creamy coconut milk based gravy. The Chilli Garlic Rice served with it did full justice to the Green Thai Curry.

I wrapped up my tasting with a dessert called Shahi-A-Jack which was basically an elongated version of a Gulab-Jamun split into two with a sprinkling of red and green tutti fruity and shavings of cashews served on a bed of mildly sweetened fresh cream.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Martini Lounge & Fine Dine, so if you’re planning a party I have given you another venue option available in the city which serves good food and if you’re a foodie like me, then in that case you needn’t wait for an occasion to visit the Martini Lounge! Bon Appetit! 🙂