Calming Blucha & Vitalizing Redcha from SPRIG Gourmet

Hello lovelies!

Well those of you who know me, are well aware that I am a complete foodie. I wouldn’t mind driving down 15-20 kms just to get a sip of my favourite Irish Coffee or traverse the winding by-lanes of Chowk ( that’s Old Lucknow for the ones who don’t stay in the city of Lucknow ) to gobble down lip-smacking Kebabs with Parathas. Yet at the same time I am very particular about the quality of food I consume most of the times, since what we eat has a proportionate effect on our health. For me, eating well is important whether it’s in a star-rated restaurant or a dhaba or even cooking in my kitchen which I enjoy.

The taste of the food we consume is largely determined by the quality of the ingredients we use. If the ingredients utilised are of high quality it will enhance the flavour of the dish completely. Great ingredients make for great meals. I am of the opinion that whenever you can, you should use the highest quality supplies for your recipes. The flavour difference will always come through in your finished dish. These days homemakers in India are serving up International Cuisines like Chinese, Thai, Malay, Mexican, British, Italian and a host of other cuisine within the four walls of their very own kitchens and hence there is a growing demand for special ingredients which you will not find easily in your local grocery- stores or even super-markets. These International cuisines require Gourmet Ingredients or special ingredients, that are not readily available always.

Sleek & Stylish packaging in aluminium tubes

A few days ago while searching for pure Vanilla Beans for the cake I was planning to bake on my sister’s birthday, I came across a company called SPRIG Gourmet which sells authentic Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. I was so impressed by the quality of the product and its packaging which I have to say is impeccable & speaks volumes about the product inside, that I decided to try out two of their Green Teas- Vitalizing Redcha & Calming Blucha as well. Well, Green Tea as we all know are legendary for increasing metabolism and promoting good health. In fact the fitness enthusiast in me is always searching for high quality green tea which I know will give me multiple health benefits. Here’s my review of the two green teas produced by Sprig Gourmet:

Firstly, let me begin with the packaging of the product. Both Redcha & Blucha are packed in a sleek & stylish aluminium tube which has a pretty smooth finish & contains the tea in powder form ( saves you the trouble of straining tea-leaves and cleaning pots !) This on-the-go pack serves upto a 100 cups of Redcha/Blucha and you need to store it in a cool/dry place. Each tube of tea is accompanied by a handcrafted wooden Chashaku or measuring spoon to serve the exact quantity required in every cup.


 Ruby Red Colour of Vitalizing Redcha ( main ingredients are Green Tea & Hibiscus )

Vitalizing Redcha :

Revitalising RedCha is made from the nutrient-rich juice of green tea infused with the vitalising benefits of hibiscus. As I added a scoop of RedCha ( with the help of the Chashaku ) into my tea-cup and topped it with some hot water, I could see the water turning ruby red. RedCha has a distinctive tart and tangy taste which goes well with a little honey, or spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

After a cup of Redcha I went to my gym for a workout, and I must say I felt invigorated & full of energy. Since the main ingredients of this tea are Green Tea Powder and Hibiscus extract, you can imagine how potent this combination can be as both contain anti-oxidants & vitalize the body and mind. I’m positive that incorporating this product in your daily life will help you to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

I also came up with my very own recipe using Vitalizing Redcha:


  1. A scoop of Sprig Gourmet’s Vitalizing Redcha
  2. Half of a Lemon
  3. 2 tea-spoons of Honey
  4. 150 ml of hot water

Combine the above ingredients to get a delicious cup of tea power-packed with anti-oxidants!


Blue Colour of Calming Blucha ( main ingredients are Green Tea & Blue Pea Flower extract)

Calming Blucha:

The main ingredients of BluCha are the nutrient-rich juice of green tea infused with the calming benefits of Blue Pea Flower also known as ‘Aparajita’ in Sanskrit, it is a traditional herb which is well known for reducing stress, tension and anxiety. The moment I added a scoop of BluCha into a cup along with hot water, what I instantly got was a beautiful vivid green tea infused with anti-oxidants. So if you’ve had a hectic day and you’re feeling tired, down & out I suggest a cup of Sprig’s Calming Blucha. It has a calming effect on your nerves & relaxes you body and mind. It is flavourful as it is and what is great is that I know it is a healthy option and will benefit both my mind and my body.

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Cheers to good food, good living & the finest ingredients!