Charcoal and Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel By Greenberry Organics available  at Amazon 

Hey lovelies!

Sultry Summers are here to stay, and while all of us sweat it out in the blazing sun in North India, most of us look for that refreshing body wash to clear away all the dust & grime of the day and also leaves us feeling invigorated at the same time. Wanting to order one such body wash for myself I came across a brand called Greenberry Organics which makes some interesting beauty products.

Greenberry Organics claims to make products which are:

1. Against animal testing 

2. They believe in small batch production  so as to ensure freshness of ingredients and products 

3. Assorted items (Handpicked ingredients to ensure you get the best and freshest) 

4. What you use on your skin gets absorbed (40% of the ingredients gets absorbed by your skin, so you need to apply only what you usually eat) 

5. Creating skilled labor (Helping the under privileged section of the society to get trained in the process and make a living out of it) 

6. All natural ingredient policy (Strict quality control ensures only natural and natural processed ingredients are used, which can potentially cause no harm to human skin)

7. Earth friendly packaging (Use of biodegradable packaging ensures that we are not trashing the environment)

I’m glad I ordered this amazing Charcoal and Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel from Greenberry Organics

After reading all of the above I was obviously both intrigued and impressed and decided to try out their recently launched Charcoal and Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel. I have to say I am glad I ordered this product.

  • The moment you squeeze out some of the gel, a refreshing & summery minty smell engulfs your senses. It is infused with the goodness of natural vitamin E oil therefore it did not dehydrate my skin at all.
  • In fact this was a big concern of mine as my skin basically tends to be on the drier side and most body washes dehydrate it further. But thankfully that didn’t happen with Greenberry Organics body wash. It left my skin feeling fresh and dewy.
  • Moreover it contains charcoal which possesses legendary properties of removing toxins from the skin rapidly.
  • Spearmint which another important ingredient of this body wash helps to combat tension, fatigue and relaxes the muscles. The vitamin E oil present gives my skin the required nutrition and hydration. The fragrance of the product is amazing and leaves you wanting for more.

I give  Greenberry Organics a thumbs up for coming up with such amazing products which do not use any harsh chemicals or sulphates. Moreover the Charcoal and Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel :

  • Uses Organic/Natural Ingredients 
  • It is totally 100% Effective 
  • Vegan 
  • It comes in a 200 ML pack i.e. -Good Quantity
  • I did not experience any Dehydration of Skin  
  • Leaves your Skin Soft, Supple and Hydrated 
  • It smells divine! I just love the Fresh Minty Smell

It is definitely a product I would be repeating and would recommend it to everyone. The Charcoal and Spearmint body wash gel comes in a beautiful 200 ML bottle which is priced at Rs 499. You can buy their products via Amazon .Their products include :

  • Handmade assorted natural and herbal soaps
  • Body Lotions
  • Body Washes
  • Face Care

So go ahead place your orders and give your skin some pampering 🙂