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  My goodies from http://www.placeoforigin.in The Place Of Origin was started in May, 2015 with the goal of popularizing local foods and  small, family-owned food businesses all across the country, which today face an existential risk from major FMCG brands. It's mission is to provide the Indian consumers with 100 percent authentic, locally sourced genuine products from their place of origin/production to their doorstep....

IRISH COFFEE: The Brew Of My Choice!

The Brew of My Choice: IRISH COFFEE: Every time I visit a cafe',I end up ordering a tall glass of Irish Coffee. Somehow I just can't get enough of the good stuff!. Most of my friends and colleagues opt for a smoothie or a chocolate shake but even in  the hot, humid, sweltering heat of summers I prefer a hot Irish...

Revisiting Childhood Memories at Kool Break Hazratganj

I spent my Sunday evening having over a cup of masala chai, drums of heaven, mutton chop & steamed chicken momos at Kool Break,a restaurant which is well known for it's yummy chinese as well continental spread and at the same time is easy on your pocket. Yet what is amazing is the fact that they have managed to...

Authentic Taste Re-invented @ Spice Caves!

  Last evening I went for a Food/Restaurant Review @ Spice Caves. It is located in the Patrakarpuram Market in Gomtinagar in the city of Lucknow right above the Samsung showroom. The caves inspired exteriors make it very easy for the discerning eye to spot it in the bustling market. True to its name, the place gives you a cavern-like effect...

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