MOCHA : The New Kid on the Block!

One October evening I decided to visit Mocha, this new joint that had recently come up in the bustling city of Lucknow which is already overflowing with options to eat out & have a good time at the same place. For a newbie in the city, Mocha has managed to create a sufficient amount of buzz and curiosity. Being...

IRISH COFFEE: The Brew Of My Choice!

The Brew of My Choice: IRISH COFFEE: Every time I visit a cafe',I end up ordering a tall glass of Irish Coffee. Somehow I just can't get enough of the good stuff!. Most of my friends and colleagues opt for a smoothie or a chocolate shake but even in  the hot, humid, sweltering heat of summers I prefer a hot Irish...

Revisiting Childhood Memories at Kool Break Hazratganj

I spent my Sunday evening having over a cup of masala chai, drums of heaven, mutton chop & steamed chicken momos at Kool Break,a restaurant which is well known for it's yummy chinese as well continental spread and at the same time is easy on your pocket. Yet what is amazing is the fact that they have managed to...

A Gastronomic Delight

A gastronomic delight.. Visit to Lebua resorts Indian restaurant Azrak. Caught up with a bunch of school friends. The sprawling well maintained gardens along with a vintage model of the legendary Rolls Royce parked added a dash of old world charm to it. I ordered a mocktail called Cinderella which was average . For starters I had a Lucknavi...

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