• Book: Quarter Life Crisis
  • Author: Anshuk Attri
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publisher: Pblishing
  • Published: April, 2017
  • Pages: 300
  • Price: INR 225
  • Buy it: From AMAZON


I am Prachur, a twenty-three year old guy from Shimla and I want to tell you my story. I don’t claim that my life is particularly worth reading, especially the first twentyone years. But things did become interesting by the time I came to finish my degree in engineering. At the time I was like every other guy of my age — pretentious and clueless about my future. I loathed the very idea of a mundane job. I felt that my lack of clarity about my future was my biggest problem. Imagine what I felt when I found out that Neera, my girlfriend, was pregnant! Quarter life Crisis is the story of my coming of age and my quest for happiness.

My Review:

To begin with, the title of the story-‘Quarter Life Crisis’ is appropriate as the book deals with the trials & tribulations of a guy in his early twenties. The cover too reflects the two stages through which the main protagonist goes through in the book. The main protagonists of the story are the much in love couple-Neera and Prachur. I quite like the setting of the plot as the novel begins in an engineering college in Chandigarh and moves on to the scenic locales of Shimla. I take a liking to the two main characters very early on as both have been very well etched out by the author. Both Neera and Prachur appear real and life-like very much like the couples we find in colleges these days. In fact, to be honest I like Prachur more as he comes across as more human and real- a typical college going boy who is trying to find out what is it that he exactly wants out of his life.

I like the pace as well as the fluidity of the book. The language too is easy and the editing is flawless. As the blurb suggests, the story revolves around Prachur & Neera and how they deal with an unwanted pregnancy and their life together as husband and wife later on. Quarter Life Crisis is a coming of age story of a boy who is forced to become a man. It did manage to keep me engaged & engrossed till the end. I did not at any point feel that the story was dragging or that any particular chapters were unnecessary. Also, brownie points for the author for keeping explicit sexual descriptions to the bare minimum even though the story deals with an unwanted pregnancy before marriage. I definitely give a thumbs up to this one!.