13962560_1776015695974698_7210034259739226735_nA gastronomic delight.. Visit to Lebua resorts Indian restaurant Azrak. Caught up with a bunch of school friends. The sprawling well maintained gardens along with a vintage model of the legendary Rolls Royce parked added a dash of old world charm to it. I ordered a mocktail called Cinderella which was average . For starters I had a Lucknavi kebab platter and let me tell u the kebabs were excellent especially the galauti kebab was absolutely melt in your mouth. For the main I had a spread of Gosht Nihari, a Murg dish from their Lucknavi section and tandoori roti. The Gosht Nihari was one of the best I had. And finally I had a Tiramisu for desert. The tinge of coffee in the Tiramisu made it totally lip smacking!