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    Book Review: In Search Of Love By Piyushi Dhir

    Book: In Search of Love Author: Piyushi Dhir Genre: Romantic  Fiction Published By: Pblishing.com, 2016 Pages: 134 Price: INR 195/- Blurb: Ayesha is a young travel-writer, who has been stumbling along in her search for...

    Te Cha: The tea boutique

    Hey Peeps! Now we all know how much Indians love their steaming cuppa of tea first thing in the morning. In India, tea is a very popular beverage and Indians love their favourite elaichi tea. The...

    Fuschia By VKARE

    Products sent over for review by Fuschia by Vkare Hi there! 🙂 I give a great deal of importance to a regular skin-care routine for I feel it is so important to take care of one...

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