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    Te Cha: The tea boutique

    Hey Peeps! Now we all know how much Indians love their steaming cuppa of tea first thing in the morning. In India, tea is a very popular beverage and Indians love their favourite elaichi tea. The...

    From Paris Box: Happy Girls are the Prettiest

    Hey Y'all ! Audrey Hepburn very rightly remarked that-'Happy Girls Are The Prettiest', I am a firm believer in that. No external makeup can take the place of inner happiness that radiates on a cheerful...

    Welcome to the PLACE Of ORIGIN!

      My goodies from http://www.placeoforigin.in The Place Of Origin was started in May, 2015 with the goal of popularizing local foods and  small, family-owned food businesses all across the country, which today face an existential risk from major FMCG...

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