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    Intenso Repair & Renew Night Cream By Estrella Professional

    Hey y'all! Do you make it a point to follow a night -time beauty ritual?. It's very important to provide your skin with the required nutrition and hydration before going to bed. The skin actually...

    From Paris Box: Happy Girls are the Prettiest

    Hey Y'all ! Audrey Hepburn very rightly remarked that-'Happy Girls Are The Prettiest', I am a firm believer in that. No external makeup can take the place of inner happiness that radiates on a cheerful...

    A Gastronomic Delight

    A gastronomic delight.. Visit to Lebua resorts Indian restaurant Azrak. Caught up with a bunch of school friends. The sprawling well maintained gardens along with a vintage model of the legendary Rolls Royce parked...

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