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    The Seer Secrets Experience

    Hello lovelies! After a gruelling days work, most of us look forward to unwinding which more often than not begins with a relaxing bath. For someone like me, a bath is usually followed by a...

    Dressing up with Ellemora

    Hey Pretties!! Well I am clearly very fond of Maxi-dresses. They're truly evergreen as this trend has been unstoppable since the 1970's in various forms. The maxi dress may have found its way to the fashion...

    Get the finest Gourmet products with SPRIG!

    Calming Blucha & Vitalizing Redcha from SPRIG Gourmet Hello lovelies! Well those of you who know me, are well aware that I am a complete foodie. I wouldn't mind driving down 15-20 kms just to get...

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